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Importance of manners

Manners are the buildings blocks, of character they build and construct the character and present it as a model or a diamond in front of others, it gives rising shining respect to you. Manners are very useful and even free of cost, lust use them and get benefit from them, by good manners you can have respect In front of others manners also means respecting others and by respecting others we are respecting ourselves.

Manners can be adopted by following footsteps f those persons who good manners, act as they act live as they live one day you will also have priceless manners rich for your respect Without manners life can be difficult and many problems can come In front of you, Manners doesn’t really deal with religion.

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It Is a part of the human characterless. Everyone either has good or bad manners. Having manners will let people respect you. They will be kind towards you and they won’t hesitate to talk or be your friend.

A person with good manners is honored everywhere while a person with bad manners is spoken about badly. A person with bad manners will have people treat him as if he is a piece of trash’ that they won’t even bother to look at. They’ll think that your parents didn’t bring you up. Also, the Prophet pub had amassable wonderful manners. The Prophet pub is the example to all Muslims. We all are supposed to have good manners. It will help take you far in life.