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Importance Of Electricity Critique Essay

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Kerosene oil lanterns and gas lamps are now things of the past. We now light our lamps with electricity. Switch on the button and there is the day-like light even in the darkest night. In summer seasons electric fans, air conditioning plants are used to provide us with cool atmosphere. In winter, heating plants are used to keep the room warm. Electric bells, press and stove are things of every-day use. People keep refrigerators in their homes to keep their food in a fresh condition. Indeed electricity serves as a faithful domestic servant in daily life.

We all knew that trains and buses run by coal and petrol respectively. They run quite fast. But now steam engines and diesel engines are being replaced by electric engines and long distance trains as well as local trains in cities like Mumbai and Calcutta are being run by electric engines. Electrification of more and more railway tracks is being done. Thus, their speed is increased greatly. The journey by such trains becomes smoke free. Trams are used in big cities for local services. They are also run by electricity. Thus, in transport it is being used increasingly.

The telephone and the telegraph are in much use these days. We can now talk easily to a friend or relative who is at a great distance from us. We can communicate our messages with the help of telegraph and fax even to the most distant corner of our country within no time. Indeed, many a business will come to a standstill in the absence of these speedy means of communication. Thanks to electricity which has given us such swift means of communication. The role of television cannot be over emphasized. We can witness all that is happening even on the other side of the globe simultaneously. Satellites have made this possible.

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Many diseases are to-day cured by electric treatment. Surgeons will not be able to carry on operations as their instruments and machines are operated by it. X-ray machine which enables the doctor to take the photograph of the internal parts of the body can be operated only with its help. Briefly speaking, many men will meet their death much earlier without it.

This is an industrial age. The use of big and heavy machines has increased
the production of goods manifold. But such machines work economically only with the help of electricity. In some progressive countries, like Japan, electric power is used even in small scale and cottage industries. In our own country we find flour mills, crushers, saw mills, etc. functioning with electricity. The use of such small machines in our village has helped in improving the condition of the villagers. Thus, electric power is helping in the growth of industries.

Thousands and thousands of news papers, magazines and books are published daily. Everyone can to-day find a book to his choice and of a suitable standard. The printing of such a large number of books and periodicals has been made possible by the invention of electric printing press. Thus electric power has not only brought light to our homes but to our heads also.

Every one of us is familiar with the cinema and the radio, television is another modern means of recreation. Life itself will not be worth living in the absence of such means of creation. To increase our food production irrigation facilities have to be provided. Electricity is being used in the operation of tube wells in the villages. Now in big cities, electric furnaces are being used to cremate dead bodies. Thus, in the journey of life, from cradle to grave, we have to take its helps at every step.

We have given some of the most common uses of electricity. The description of its utility in our daily life is unending. But unfortunately in our country its supply has not been able to meet the demand for it. Our country is quite rich in natural resources which are needed for its generations. By exploiting these resources more of electricity will have to be generated.

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