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Importance of Correlation Analysis in Decision Making

National language. Language plays an important role in the process of fostering unity among the races. Thus, the government has made Malay as the national language of our country.

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National Language Act 1967 has been allocated the Malay language as the official language. Starting in 1970, the discussion between the leaders has gradually replaced English as the medium of instruction in schools.

Governments also undertook a campaign to promote the use of Malay with the launch of “Gerakan Cintailah Bahasa Kebangsaan”. Unity is an essential element for a country to be more advanced. In order to improve the quality of a country in all aspect, the citizen playing the most important roles. For an example, Malaysia is independent with the unity of people of different races in 1957. This shows that a country will not be established without the true unity among the people.

If one country has no unity where people is not trusting one another, the country will fall apart and lead to the the internal strife among the people. An dramatic example is the issue of the races riot happened on May 13,1969 in Malaysia. The internal conflict had caused 2000 people kill. This brings awareness to Malaysian that people without the true unity and the no trustworthy is capable to ruin a country. So we should turn our face to the sun and the shadows fall behind us.

In order to avoid infighting among people, the spirit of unity should be planted in our souls. National language is important in every country as it is not only allow communication among the people but also increase the understanding of different ethnics among different races. National language plays an important role in the process of fostering unity among the races. This is because toleration and trustworthy among each other is needed to unite the people through understanding.

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