Impact of Policy Practice — CA-United States History and Geography B

Explain why land use planning has to incorporate such diverse disciplines as architecture, urban planning, and environmental planning.
Land use planning is about more than addressing the physical layout of development, how much it will cost, where it will be located and aesthetics. Land use planning also incorporates environmental impacts such as chemical pollution, noise pollution, flooding due to the loss of trees and plants, etc. In order to meet all these requirements land use planning must draw from a wide array of disciplines’ expertise.
The most basic level of land use planning is likely to include _______.
zoning and transport infrastructure
Which of the following fields is(are) part of the environmental movement?
all of the above
Environmental journalism is controversial because _______.
some environmental journalists are not objective reporters
Which of the following would not be a topic of concern to environmental sociology?
none of the above
Explain what is meant by the term environmental justice.
Environmental justice encompasses the idea that all members of society should have a meaningful opportunity to participate in the decision making that might impact the environment. It also includes the idea of fair treatment, that no group (ethnic, religious socioeconomic) should bear a disproportionate share of the negative environmental consequences of decisions or policies. Environmental justice is concerned with ensuring that the haves and have-nots both have a say in environmental policy and share the burdens of the consequences of those policies.
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Explain how the failure to regulate detrimental practices on private property might have widespread negative environmental consequences on public lands.
The environmental impacts of detrimental practices on private property are not necessarily limited to the private property. Water polluted on private property might flow into a local river or aquifer used for public purposes like recreation or drinking water. Landowners that kill migrating animals on their property are destroying organisms that, by definition, are part of a larger ecosystem; the loss of these organisms will impact all the ecosystems along the migratory path.
Explain how smart growth promotes long-term sustainable development.
Smart growth planning concentrates development in the center of a city, preventing urban sprawl. This strategy reduces the need for automobile use, reducing pollution and the other environmental consequences arising from building roads and such. Smart growth also advocates more mixed-use development, which distributes the costs, benefits, and burdens of city development more broadly and equitably.
The main ecological benefits of earth houses lie in their _______.
use of natural insulation
Explain the goals of sustainable development.
The goals of sustainable development center around making use of available resources to meet human needs while preserving the environment. Either goal can easily be met independently; not gathering the resource preserves the environments, while gathering it makes it available for human use. Sustainable development is the attempt to achieve both goals by meeting human needs for a resource without permanently depleting it.