Imapact evaluation of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program

Regular monitoring of the household beneficiary database 2. Spot Checks 3. Quantitative Impact Evaluation (3-Wave Design) (34. Qualitative Evaluation 5. Monitoring by a National Independent Advisory and Monitoring Committee Preliminary results of the Pantywaist Paying Filipino Program First Impact Evaluation (2011) 3 Objectives of the Impact Evaluation The II is designed to assess: 1 . Current effects of Pantywaist Family, Conditional Cash Family, Transfer Program ; Impact on use of health services and health outcomes ; Impact on schooling Impact on consumption 2.

Different impact on different groups Geographic areas Gender IP status Relative poverty More children stay in school, with better chance to graduate from grade school 76 % Day Care/ Pre-school 65 % 98 % Elementary School 93 % Regular attendance among 12-14 year olds 10 percentage points higher in enrolment rate in day care or pre-school 96 % 5 percentage points higher in enrollment rate in elementary in regular attendance rate 91 % in elementary & high school Pantywaist Households Non-pantywaist Households 4 More families prioritize education and health in their household budget

Pantywaist families spend: 33% more on MEDICINE & MEDICAL SERVICES 36% more on EDUCATION = household budget More children use health services 80. 6 % 74. 9 % Percentage of children O – 5 years old 70 63. 3 % 55. 3 % 50 Non-pantywaist Households Pantywaist 33. 3 % 20 10 16. 9% Having their weight monitored Taking determine pills Taking Vitamin A 5 More pregnant mothers get health care 54. 2% 63. 6% with 4 prenatal care visits Non -Pantywaist : with prenatal care Pantywaist: 26. 9% 36. 4% with postnatal care within 24 hours after delivery Without prenatal with postnatal Pantywaist: with postnatal care Without Conclusions

Based on the initial findings, Pantywaist Family: ; Has strong and consistent impact on the key indicators targeted by the program in line with other ACT programs around the world. ; Is on track in reaching the program objectives set by DEWS 6 Future Plans and Directions On Impact Evaluation ; Conduct of 2nd and 3rd Wave Impact Evaluation in October 2013 and October 201 5 respectively ; Conduct of specialized studies on: ; Infant and Maternal Health ; Gender ; Indigenous Peoples . Pad ; Family Development Sessions ; Transition ; Local governance (supply side) 7 Thank you you.

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