Illinois CNA study guide for state test

assisted living residence
__ starts before a patient goes home.
The __ in an agency makes the policies.
health team
A CNA is part of the __ __.
director of nursing
DON (______) manages the nursing team.
__ is a federal health insurance program for people 65 years or older.
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case mix group
An agency must have a __ to operate and provide care.
American Hospital Association
Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987
licensed nursing assistant
Nursing Assistant Training and Competency Evaluation Program
laws, job descriptions, person’s condition, help
Some limits for CNAs are __, __ __, the __ __, and the amount of __ you need.
Nurse Practice Acts
__ __ __ protects patients from people practicing nursing without a license.
OBRA requires at least __ hours of instruction for CNAs. (training for nursing assistants working in nursing centers)
task, circumstances, person, directions, communication, supervision
The Five Rights of Delegation are the right __, __, __, __ & __, and __.
When you agree to do a task, you are __ for you own actions. If a delegated task is beyond your legal limits, politely refuse and explain why.
medication, tubes, orders, diagnoses
A CNA can’t give __, insert __, take __ from doctors, or discuss the person’s __ with the family.
CNAs are not allowed to prepare __ for people.
neglect; verbal abuse
If a call light is on, not answering it is __. Shouting is __ __.
domestic, intimate partner, partner, spousal
Domestic abuse is also called __ violence, __ __ abuse, __ abuse, and __ abuse.
Remove yourself from a group or setting where people are __.
A patient’s __ is shared only with the staff involved in his/her care.
__ is normal and affects the whole person, it can happen in your sleep, and it can cause life threatening conditions.
Only report __ that you gave and you can only report it after you have provided it.
When translating medical terms, begin with the __.
protected health information
People with __ may be upset with noises because they do not know what it means.
Bed wheels are __ except when moving the bed.
A doctor’s order is needed for __ or Reverse __ position.
When __ a person in bed, have a coworker help you.
A doctor must give the order before a Patient can leave the __. Tell the nurse at once if the person wants to leave the — without the doctor’s permission.
assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, evaluation
The Five steps of the nursing process are __, nursing __, __, __, and __.
nursing care; process
If done properly, __ __ is organized and has purpose. the Nursing __ provides organized and consistant care.
__ use the senses (sight, hearing, smell, and touch) to collect information about the person.
__ are symptoms that are seen, heard, felt or smelt.
__ are symptoms you can’t observe, but the person (the subject) tells you about.
__ never stops in the nursing process.
During the __ step, care is given.
assignment sheet
The nurse uses an __ __ to communicate delegated tasks to you.
__ involves measuring if the goals in the planning step were met.
physical, social, psychological, spiritual
The whole person has __, __, __, and __ parts that are woven together and cannot be separated.
Disability; illness
__ and __ affect the whole person.
__ needs have/need to be met first.
Oxygen, food, water, elimination, rest, shelter
__, __, __, __, __ and __ are needed for life and to survive.
procedure, sensations
Explain the __, how it will be done, and what __ to expect for safety.
__ is a common response to illness and disability.
Subacute; Rehabilitation
__ care or __ are for people who need more time than hospital care allows.
verbal; nonverbal
Listening means to focus on __ and __ communication.
__ is useful when people ramble in thought.
__ gives time to think and is good to use when someone is angry.
__ shows that you are listening and you understand the message.
Avoid __ answers like, “Everything will be okay”, “Don’t worry about it”, and “I know how you feel”.
__ people like to be alone, do not attend social events, and may display inappropriate sexual behavior.
The __ system prevents microorganisms and other substances from entering the body, prevents excess amounts of water from leaving the body, protects organs from injury, and regulates body temperature.
musculo skeletal
The __-__ system provides the framework for the body, lets the body move, protects internal organs, and gives the body shape.
posture; muscle tone, body parts, body heat
The three functions of muscles are the maintenance of __ or ___, movement of the ____, , and the production of __ __.
central nervous system
The __ controls heart rate, breathing, and blood vessel size.
cerebral cortex
The __ __ controls reasoning and memory, speech and vision, and hearing and sensation.
cranial nerves; spinal nerves
The peripheral nervous system has __ __ and __ __.
bright light
__ __ causes the pupil size to decrease.
hearing; balance
The ear functions in __ and __.
food, hormones, substances
Blood carries __, __, and other __ to the cells.
__ removes waste products from cells. It produces and carries cells that defend the body from microbes that cause disease.
Blood and blood vessels help regulate the body’s __.
circulatory system
The __ __ does not bring oxygen into the body and does not remove waste from the body.
__ in the RBCs give blood its red color.
__ protect the body against infections.
The right __ receives blood from body tissues.
The right __ pumps blood to the lungs for oxygen.
The __ is our largest artery.
__ is the process of supplying the cells with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide.
The __ system removes waste from the blood.
birth; 1 year; walk
During infancy (__ to __) is when a child learns to __.
At __ months a child can bear weight in a standing position.
Developmental tasks of a __ includes gaining control of bowel and bladder function, using words to communicate, and becoming less dependent of the primary caregiver.
9: 16
Girls reach puberty between the ages of __ and __ years.
Young adulthood
__ __ is between 18 and 40 years of age.
young adulthood
Developmental tasks of a person in __ __ include choosing an education and a career, selecting a partner, and developing a satisfactory sex life.
middle adulthood
Needing eyeglasses is common in __ __.
Old-old is __ years of age and older.
With __ body processes slow down, blood supply to the skin decreases, the skin thins and sags, folds, lines & wrinkles appear, the skin is easily injured, nails become thick and tough, and the feet usually have poor circulation.
mild; infection
The older person has dry skin so a __ soap is best. A nick or a cut can lead to a serious __.
shorter; slower; injuries; diseases; calories
An older persons memory is __ and their responses are __. They may not notice painful __ or __. Fewer __ are needed.
high pitched
An older person may have a difficult time hearing __ __ sounds.
kidney; atrophy; bladder; bladder
During aging blood flow to the __ is reduced and they __, __ muscles weaken, and the __ size decreases.
Elder cottage housing opportunities
An __ provides services to assist residents, moniter nursing center care, and provide information on long-term care services.
Otitis media
__ __ is most common between 4 months and 4 years old.
pain, earache, hearing loss, fever, tinnitus
Symptoms of Otitis media include __, __, __ __, __ and __.
vertigo, tinnitus, hearing loss, pain, pressure
Symptoms of Meniere’s disease are __ (dizziness), __, __ __, and __ or __ in the affected ear.
hearing loss
A person giving wrong answers to questions or hearing only parts of a conversation, working hard to hear, or controlling the conversation are signs of __ __.
hearing aids
Follow the manufacturers instructions when dealing with __ __.
The person with __ of speech cannot use the speech muscles for understandable speech.
__ means difficult or poor speech.
optic nerve
Glaucoma causes damage to the __ __.
diabetic retinopathy
Everyone with diabetes is at risk for __ __. Those with diabetes are at risk for low vision.
age related macular degeneration
__-__ __ __ (AMD) blurs central vision. Not smoking reduces the risk of AMD.
lighting; see; blinds; helping
When caring for visually impaired or blind people provide __ as the person prefers. Ask how much they can __, adjust __ to prevent glare. Ask before __ them.
face clock
Describe the food on a plate using the __ of a __ when feeding a blind person. Open their cartons and cut their meat
water; saline
If a person has an artificial eye you can wash the eye socket with warm __ or __.
topside; bedside
Store eyeglasses in the __ drawer of the __ stand.
rescue, alarm, confine; extinguish; evacuate
RACE (all possibilities for E)
pull, aim, squeeze, sweep
carbon monoxide
__ __ is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is produced by the burning of fuel.
If a person is on a stretcher move them __ first.
ease him to the floor; injuries
If a person starts to fall, _______. Do not let them move or get up before the nurse checks for __. You cannot interfere with personal choice to prevent falls.
call light
You are never allowed to take a __ __ away, even if they push it over and over.
__ may be used only to treat a medical symptom or for immediate physical safety of the person or others. A doctor’s order is necessary and permission.
According to OBRA all patients and residents have the right to be free from __. — alternatives are part of the care plan.
If sheets are tucked in to tight, or if anything is used to limit freedom of movement it can be considered a __.
false imprisonment
Restraints must protect a person and a doctor’s order is required, unnecessary restraint is __ __. You do not obtain consent for restraints.
15; 2
Observe persons with restraints at least every __ min or as often as noted in the care plan. Remove or release the restraint, reposition the person, and meet basic needs every __ hours or as often as noted in the care plan.
Chart the __ felt in the restrained part.
__ are at high risk for work related musculo-skeletal disorders.
ulcers; contractures
Regular position changes and good alignment help prevent __ and __.
head, abdomen, lower legs
For the prone position, pillows are placed under the __, __, and _____.
__ position is not usually comfortable for older people.
You need __ pillows for the lateral position.
__ a person to turn them prevents friction and shearing.
__ position causes shearing.
waist; incontinence
When moving a person up in bed–raise the bed to your __ level and lock the bed wheels. If you use an __ product to move them, it has to be able to hold the weight of the person.
Use an __ device to move a person to the side of the bed if they had spinal sugery.
__ keeps the spine straight.
In transferring, the person’s __ side moves first. Position the wheelchair near the bed on this side.
For mechanical lift, there must be at least __ staff members.
lateral sliding; friction reducing; 2
If a person weighs 1-200 lbs. use a __ __ aid or a __-__ device and __ staff members to move.
Safety straps
__ __ are used when the person is on a stretcher. Never leave the person alone on a stretcher.
hour of sleep; bed time
multi drug resistant
__-__ __ organisms (MDROs) are microbes that resist the effects of antibiotics.
pulse, respirations, redness, swelling
Signs of infection are increased __ and __, __, and __.
nosocomial infection
Healthcare-assisted infection (HAI) = a __ __