IFT Trivia

How many divisions of IFT are there and list ten?
23-Carbohydrates, Citrus Products, Dairy Foods, Education, Extension, Food Chemistry,
Food Engineering, Food Laws &Regulations, Food Microbiology, Food Packaging, Food
Service, Fruit and Vegetable Products, International, Marketing and Management, Muscle
Foods, Nutrition, Product Development, Quality Assurance, Refrigerated and Frozen
Foods, Seafood Technology, Toxicology and Safety Evaluation
The IFT Strategic Plan contains 7 critical objectives for the organization to accomplish its mission to support improvement of the food supply and its use through science, technology, and education. What are the 7 critical objectives?
1) To be the pre-eminent, multi disciplinary scientific society for food science and technology.
2) To be the authoritative source of science-based information on food science and technology.
3) To provide publications, programs, & services to fulfill the diverse professional needs of members.
4) To support the undergraduate education & continued professional development of food scientists & technologists
5) To support basic and applied research & foster the interface among industry, academia, government, media, & the public on food science and technology issues.
6) To attract & actively involve a culturally & professionally diverse membership.
7) To provide the organizational structure, administration, and financial capability to accomplish IFT’s mission.
On 9/30/85, IFT’s OSPA became a functioning entity with the goal to establish IFT as The authoritative source of info on Food Science and Technology. What does the acronym OSPA stand for?
Office of Scientific Public Affairs
How many current IFT members are there?
Food Technology was established in what year?
How many, regional sections are there in IFT?
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What was the first US consumer product sold in the Soviet Union?
How many geographic areas is the IFT Student Association divided into?
On September 30, 1985, IFT’s OSPA became a functioning entity, one of whose objectives was to establish IFT as the authoritative source of information on Food Science and Technology. What exactly do the initials OSPA stand for?
Office of Scientific Public Affairs.
This award is considered to be the most prestigious of the IFT awards and is bestowed for
consistent and essentially lifetime contributions to food science and technology. Name
the award.
The Nicholas Appert Medal.
Two of the following are NOT required core courses on the IFT undergraduate curriculum minimum standards. Name the two: Food chemistry, food microbiology, food engineering, food processing, food analysis, food law, food packaging.
A: food packaging and food law.
What city has hosted the most IFT annual meetings?
What year was IFT founded?
Who was the first president of IFT?
Samuel C. Prescott.
What is IFTs definition of food science?
Employs biological, chemical, and physical research to develop the basic understanding necessary to provide a nutritious, safe, and acceptable diet.
Name the past 5 cities IFT’s annual meeting has been held.
Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando, New Orleans, Chicago
Who is the Scientific Editor of the Journal of Food Science?
Owen Fennema
Who is the winner of the 1999 Nicholas Appert Award?
RoDert Cassens
What is the number of student chapters of IFT?
When were the 1st IFT fellows inducted?
IFT used to have divisions and specialized technology groups. What are they now called and
when did this change occur?
Divisions, 1990
What national IFT award recognizes excellence in University teaching?
William V. Cruess Award
Give the venues for IFT annual meeting from 2001-2010.
New Orleans, Anaheim, Chicago, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Orlando, Chicago, New Orleans, Anaheim, Chicago
Who comprises the Executive Committee of the IFTSA?
President, Secretary and Area Representatives
Following are the competitions conducted at the IFT
College bowl, Product development, Chapter of the year, Graduate & Undergraduate Paper
How many teams will be competing in the College Bowl finals in July?
The Calvert Wiley Award of IFT recognizes what?
Distinguished service to IFT
Which IFT committee has oversight of IFTSA?
Sections and divisions
What is sea foods division of the IFT now known as?
Aquatic food products division
Which positions are committee chairs in IFTSA?
Operations, Finance, Information Systems, Membership, General Editor, Global Relations, Nominations and elections, Development and communications
Where was the 1995 Annual Meeting of IFT held?
Anaheim, CA