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Virus was threatened by Ranchos talent and free spirit that he tried n a number of events to ruined the friendship of Rancho with Farman and Raja. In contrast, Virus model student was Chatter Rambling. Rancho humiliates Chatter by substituting obscenities into the text as Chatter read his speech. Later, Rancho began dating Virus's pretty daughter Pip and they fell in love to each other. A conflict came when the three students were drunk and went in Virus's house to allow Rancho to propose to Pip. After that, Virus threatened Raja that he would be expel if he will talk to his best friends.

Raja became paranoid and confused so that he decided to commit suicide because he didn't know what to choose and what to do. Raja recovered with the help of his family and friends. After that Farman decided to pursue his passion in wildlife photography as his profession while Raja took a job interview where he passed. Virus was so heartless that he planned to fail Raja in his final exam but Pip confronted his father about it. She told Rancho about it and gave him the key. Rancho and Farman went in Virus's house to steal the questions and gave it to Raja but he refused to cheat.

Virus caught the trio and expelled them on the spot. However, Rancho gradually gained the deans respect by helping Mona to deliver her baby. Flashing back to the present day, Farman and Raja uncovered some previously unknown facts about their old friend that led them to question everything they ever thought they knew about him. Characters: Ranchos Shameless Chanced/Cheat/ Punish Waning- He was an extraordinary, unique and intelligent student who Incurred the wrath of Dry. Virus by daring to propose radical theories that directly contradicted his teacher's lessons. Humbly of his excellence. He fell in love with Pta. His real name was Punish Waning who was a famous scientist. Pip Casehardened- She was the youngest daughter of Dry. Virus and the sister of Mona. She was a doctor who helped Rancho to take Raja's father in the hospital. She also instructed Rancho to deliver the baby in the college common room via Voice over 'P. She was pretty and fell in love with Rancho. Farman Queries- He was the one who narrated the film. His passion was for wildlife photography but his father forced him to be an engineer even though it was not his freewill.

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But later, he convinced his father to pursue his passion as his profession with the help of his friends. Raja Ratios- His best friends were Rancho and Farman. He came from an impecunious family with a paralyzed father who was a postman and mother who was retired teacher. He tried to commit suicide by Jumping from the third floor of the building because of confusion about whom to choose between betraying his friends or letting down his family. Fortunately, he was able to survived and recovered with the help of his friends. Dry. Virus Casehardened- He was the director of ICE.

Students called him Virus Just like a computer virus. He was the most competitive man they had ever seen that he couldn't bear anyone getting ahead him. He owned the pen that he gave to Rancho because of being an excellent student. He was the father of Pip and Mona. He was he school's uptight and heartless dean. Later, he learned from his own mistakes. Chatter Rambling- He was also known as "Silencer" and he had a difficulty speaking in Hindu. He was the model student of Dry. Virus. He was born in Uganda and completed his schooling in Benedictory.

He popped pills from a local quack to sharper his memory. He always farts and blamed others for the output. He always CT of the students, ironing their clothes and many more. Presently, he works as a faculty member in Ranchos school in Lady. Comes in second rank. Man Moan- Better known as "Millimeter". He was assigned to do chores in the amp's such as doing project Mona Casehardened- The eldest daughter of Dry. Virus and sister of Pta. She was Borneo her baby with the help of Rancho and friends. She was a very supportive sister and she liked Rancho for Pta. Hen his accessories got messed. He didn't deserve Pip because he only valued and treasured material things and wealth. Mr.. Queries- He was Franc's father. He wanted his son to be an engineer but later he agreed on the decision of his son. He was a loving father who provided the needs of his son. Ranchos Shameless Chanced- He was the real Rancho. He was sent to London. He was not able to study and Cheat was the one who fulfilled his father's dream. Shambles Chanced- He was the father of Ranchos Shameless Chanced. He sent Cheat in school because he discovered his intelligence.

Joy Lobo's father - He was a loving father who was very happy for his son was soon-to- be a graduate. Joy Lobo- Machines were his passion like Rancho. He committed suicide because Dry. Virus didn't give him an extension for his project. Who is/ are the protagonist/s? They are three protagonist in the movie namely Rancho, Farman and Raja but for me I considered Rancho as the main character among them because as we can see in the vie the story is focus with Rancho. I would say the he is the protagonist because he is the savior and hero in the film. He always do the right things and find for everyone's rights.

He is an extraordinary and he is a role model for me. Who are the antagonists? The antagonists are Chatter Rambling and Dry. Virus Casehardened. Chatter was the mortal enemy of Rancho in academics but he always get second place. He was very boastful. Dry. Virus ruins the lives of his students. He is very cruel and strict. He is heartless that he doesn't feel pity for every students he screwed. He makes lives miserable for the protagonists. How did the movie make you feel? When I watched the movie, I felt disappointed because it only revealed the harsh realities of our education system.

It used mockery and humor to display the dark life of every students. But inside that humor, it made me felt hopeful that it also gave us an opportunity to analyze the underlying issues that need reforms. But at the end the movie made me felt that "All is Well", Just think positive always because however What aspect of the movie did you most engage with? What will you remember? For me they were two aspects of the movie that I engaged most. First was when Mona as going to deliver his baby. In that part, I will remember that we must be united, have trust with each other and everything will be fine.

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