IB History Quotes for Paper 2

Hitler Speaking in 1932
‘Our opponents…say that the National Socialists are not German…because they refuse to work with other political parties. So it is typically German to have thirty political parties?’
Longest & Shortest Reichstag Cabinets
21 months & 54 days
Article 48 Weimar Constitution
‘In the event that the public order and security are seriously disturbed or endangered, the reich president may take the measures neccesary for their restoration.’
Albert Speer Writing in 1931
‘My mother saw a storm trooper parade in the streets of Heidelberg. The sight of discipline in a time of chaos…seems to have won her over.’
Number Unemployed in november 1932
6 million
Historian S Williams, writing in 1986
‘The fact was that…there were simply not enough Germans who believed in democracy and individual freedom to save the Weimar Republic.’
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Hitler appointed Chancellor of Germany
30th of January 1933
Stalin turned 50 as the leader of Russia
December of 1929
Stalin in 1931
‘We are fifty or a hundred years behind the advanced countries. We must make good this distance in ten years…or we shall be crushed.’
Production of steel at the end of the second five year plan
Had more than quadrupled.
% of Nazi vote that was middle class
V Kravchenko, former communist, writing in 1947
‘It was like a scene out of a nightmare…so this was the ‘liquidation of the kulaks as a class!’ A lot of simple peasants being…shipped to some distant labor camps.’
L Kopelev, involved in implementing collectivisation
‘I firmly believed that the ends justified the means…’
British Diplomat Fitzroy Maclean on the show trials
‘The Prisoners were charged…with every concievable crime…one after another, using the same words, they admitted their guilt…’
Number of people sent to labour camps by 1937
18 million
Members of the Central Committee of the Bolshevik party of 1917 remaining in 1937
Only Stalin
Historian R Conquest on The Great Purges
‘It led him to absolute power…’
American novellist John Steinbeck on the Cult of personality, writing in 1947
‘We doubt whether Ceaser Augustus enjoyed…the prestige, the worship and the godlike power over the people of which Stalin disposes.’

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