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101 Ideas for Women’s Ministries Success in the church will come only when there are more ministries than programs. People don’t need more programs. They need ministries that will meet their needs where they are.

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1. Check the Women’s Ministries website http://wm. gc. adventist. org for ideas 2. Buy a current Women’s Ministries devotional book 3. Plan a “Working Mothers” seminar to help women who juggle home and career 4. Be sure your church has a Women’s Ministries leader 5. Encourage diversity on your Women’s Ministries committee—age, race, education, affluence, and marital—single/divorced 6.

Establish a mentoring program in your church 7. Write a devotional for the Women’s Ministries devotional book 8. Teach women how to have personal Bible study/devotions and to give a Bible study 9. Know what skills the women in your church have to share 10. Start or empower someone to start a grief support group 11. Have a ministry for women in your community who have lost a baby—stillborn or by miscarriage 12. Take time to listen when someone is hurting 13. Begin a literacy or second language program in your community 14. Begin a women’s Bible study group 15. Mentor someone personally 6. Attend a woman’s retreat 17. Help with a woman’s retreat 18. Be sure the Women’s Emphasis Day is on the church calendar 19. Teach women to do breast self-examinations 20. Be sure all women in your church know their value in Jesus Christ 21. Know what the Church statements are in regards to women 22. Be sure the Women’s International Day of Prayer is on your church calendar 23. Invite a neighbor to a Women’s Ministries event 24. Make certain your pastor understands Women’s Ministries 25. Start a car mechanics class for women 26. Disciple a new believer 27.

Have a prayer chain—help women know how to pray when they get a request 28. Have an intentional reclaiming program in your church such as Heart Call 29. Have an intentional program for young girls regarding sexual purity such as True Love Waits 30. Ask your Conference to include women on the platform for all meetings at camp meeting 31. Be sure your church Women’s Ministries leader is involved on the church board 32. Ask that the Conference and Union Women’s Ministries directors are active on Conference and Union committees 33. Urge your Conference/Union to fund Women’s Ministries as other departments 34.

Help your church’s Women’s Ministries to have a realistic budget and stick to it 35. Teach a Leadership Certification seminar 36. Help fund a mission project 37. Help your Women’s Ministries serve in a mission outreach 38. Receive and read the Women’s Ministries newsletter available to you 39. Attend at least one yearly leadership training seminar 40. Read at least one leadership book a year 41. Support the Women’s Ministries director over you 42. Tell a young woman about the scholarship program 43. Know your spiritual gifts and help other women know theirs too 44. Evaluate each program.

Don’t get discouraged—learn from them 45. When your church elects officers and delegates, be sure women are included 46. When your Conference/Union or Division elects leaders, suggest women to be included 47. Make sure all women have opportunities to use their ministry gifts 48. Give opportunities for women to learn to speak in public 49. Help establish a women’s prayer group in your church or neighborhood 50. Help women to know the value of exercise and how to do it 51. Work closely with your pastor. Support him with your ministries 52. Fill out a data base form for the GC and invite other women in leadership to do so also 53.

Educate your church board regarding all forms of abuse 54. Donate money to Women’s Ministries projects 55. Share the Women’s Ministries newsletters with your pastor, both those from your Division and Mosaic, from the GC 56. Offer 12 Things You’ll Want to Know about Women’s Ministries to your pastor and church board 57. Learn/teach parliamentary procedure 58. Give women opportunities to learn sound nutrition 59. Have a gynecologist talk to women about reproduction health 60. Help see that the women in your church have the opportunity to complete the Leadership Certification seminars 61.

Have a retreat for teen-age girls 62. Have a stress reduction seminar/program 63. Have a gynecologist talk to women about menopause 64. Establish a Prayer and Loves Saves seminar series in your church 65. Start a women’s section in your church library 66. Plan and carry out a public evangelistic program 67. Prepare “Welcome Home Baby” gift baskets for new mothers in your community 68. Put the Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day on the church calendar 69. Organize a girls’ night out 70. Sponsor something special for the singles in your church 71. Pray for your pastor’s spouse 72.

Send a report to your Conference and/or Union papers about what Women’s Ministries in your church is doing 73. Acknowledge the unique accomplishments of young people in your church 74. Write a note of encouragement to someone 75. Spend time with a sick or shut-in member 76. Organize helping teams to assist elderly or shut-in members with difficult tasks like raking leaves or shoveling snow 77. Report to your Women’s Ministries Conference and/or Union leader what your church Women’s Ministries is accomplishing 78. Begin a women’s prayer group to pray for your church leadership 79.

Read stories in the Bible of how Jesus appreciated women 80. Sponsor a project to raise money to donate to the GC Women’s Ministries Scholarship Fund 81. Support the Women’s Ministries activities in your church 82. Have a perpetual prayer box at your church that Women’s Ministries members pray over 83. Have an afternoon prayerwalk in the community with your Women’s Ministries team 84. Have a self-defense class at your church and invite the community women 85. Host a fellowship meal and brainstorming session and invite all women in your church 86. Make quiet-time play sets for young children to use during the church service 87.

Read a book about a unique woman who has made special contributions to women in society, in the Christian world, or in the Adventist Church 88. Teach or request a seminar on financial management for women 89. Attend a Women’s Ministries seminar at camp meeting 90. Have abuse pamphlets available to your church members 91. Help your local women’s shelter 92. Adopt a “sister church” in another division 93. Thank your Conference/Union president for funding and supporting the Women’s Ministries director in your Conference 94. Get acquainted with a young girl in your church and tell her that she is special 95.

Learn about the history of Women’s Ministries and share this with someone else 96. Suggest that your church have a class on organization and time management and attend it yourself 97. Volunteer to give a Bible study 98. Offer to help your pastor with visitation 99. Help the women in your church understand that Women’s Ministries is not about more programs, but is about every woman being involved in some type of ministry 100. Pray for Women’s Ministries and its leaders around the world 101. Share additional ideas with us at [email protected] adventist. org and we will add to this list