I have lived a thousand years

Who is bubi
The brother who gets admired by mommy who is tall and also active
Who is mommy
A woman who admires Bobby and not on A woman who admires Bobby and not Ellie
Who is elli
A young tall girl with blond hair who mommy doesn’t admire
Who is daddy
A tall skinny man who is very active in and Myers Ellie
What is auchwitz
Mean and harsh concentration camp
What is augsburg
The factory where they are treated well
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What does Ellie admire about Bobby
Ellie admire his bubis looks
How does Ellie feel about the school closing
She sat she cries because she can’t graduate thank you no longer go to school
How does Ella react to losing her price processions
she is sad she feels humiliation pain and embarrassment she also has to give away her new bicycle
How does he feel about wearing the Yellow-Star how did she react
she is mad she says it’s going to humiliate her and set her apart she removes the jacket when she’s in the school building at first and she refused to wear it but soon Bobby gets her to wear it
De Scribd the living conditions of the ghetto
They were awful they were herded behind the tall fence and soldiers would watch them to share two tiny rooms with other families with a tiny kitchen the bathtub so stoves and watch bands were removed and put out in the yard with only one room full of stuff
Explain how Ellies hair saves her in Auchwitz
It saves her because the German officer sees her hair and put her in the same group as your mom and set of the gas chamber the German soldier likes it because it’s blonde and blue eyes which is the superior race
What happens at the ghetto from an outside person
Mrs. Kelman and your daughter bring Ellie and her family flour eggs and a goose when they run out of food and when they weren’t supposed to
Why does aunt Sarah destroy her dishes
He doesn’t want the Germans to have them
who saves elli from the gas chamber upon arrival at Auchwitz
And SS man who notices Ally’s hair named Dr. Joseph Mangel
Where does Ellie and mommy first drink water from him at all Schlitz
The first drink from a filthy pedal that they call the lake
Explain the zahlappel in the purpose behind it
Zahlappel was rollcall the point was to wear them out into torture them
What jobs are Ellie and mommy assigned at Plazazow
The work consist of planierung-straightening the hilltop was speeds and shovels in preparation for construction or dirt work
Why does Ellie sneak her motherout of the hospital at Oshua it’s
Because that day they were supposed to have a selection and those who have not recovered Are removed and mommy had recovered yet
Explain the quote in one cruel ironic Corkley both parish
It was ironic because mommy eight week old woman passes selection what Ellie a young healthy girl doesn’t
Explain how the factory work at Augsburg camp is different from Oshua it’s
The factory work at Augsburg is different from auchwitz because when they get to Augsburg they’re treated nicely and the guard can’t believe that They don’t have any luggage
What is ironic about working at Augsburg camp
They were helping Germany when they don’t like Germany
Why does Ellie ask forgiveness from Leah con
Ellie asked forgiveness because she’s wearing her coat when she’s happy while he is probably tortured since she is a Jew
Explain the symbolism of the golden bird
It symbolizes daddy’s death
Describe Bubi when Ellie and mommy meet up with him after returning from Augsburg
Bobby looked awful he is all ripped up looks like a skeleton has some scabs and bruises and doesn’t talk
Who explains alley that most of the family and friends she knew were sent to the gas chambers
Bubi does
what does elli mean by I have been robbed of my freedom
Ellie means that now she’s going to have to bear the weight that others died and she did it
How does mommy Dr. Bobby after getting hit in the head
She ripps her shirt and puts it on Bubis head
What dangers do Bubby Ellie and their mother face on the last train ride before liberation
They faced getting machine gun by American planes and Germans
Explain the older lady at the train station with her comment about how your age it must have been difficult
She thought Allie was 60 because of all the scars and bruises and with her head being shaved
Explain the title of the book
It means she seen all she’s stared death in the face and has escaped it
What happened to the Friedmans general store while the family was gone
The store had been vandalized everything was stolen and it was empty
What happened to daddy
He died two weeks before liberation
How does mommy support the family after the war
She says jesses for Russian soldier girls in exchange for eggs flower live chickens and lightbulbs
How does Ellie feel about immigrating to America
She doesn’t want to go she wants to go back to Palestine since that’s their home
Why does mommy continue to eat the soup with worms even after Ellie shows her
She needs food to survive and that’s the only food provided with so that’s what she’s going to eat
How does the living condition of Augsburg change when the first ss officers arrive
When the first SS officer arrives it goes from a nice happy place to a mean and orderd camp
What does daddy’s brother want from the family
He wanted the family to come to America
What happened to the prisoners if they survived one camp
They were shipped to another
Explain Ellies in mommy’s relationship prior to the camps
At the beginning Ellie and mommy’s relationship wasnt good mommy always favored Bobby and always told Ellie things she needed to work on
How does a Ellie’s and mommys relationship change throughout the story
At the end mommy start praising Ellie and they both start depending on each other
What does Ellie do to make sure her poems are safe
Eliezer pounds to Pista szivos-a young Hungary and guard
Why do you want to form a family in the concentration camp
So you are guaranteed food you get one piece of bread for five people and if your group consists of family they’re going to share and say things for you if you’re not your family they’re going to hog all of the food
What is the setting when the story begins
Summer of 1943 city of somordja

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