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Hypp Tv

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SWOT Analysis of Hypp TV Strength Hypp TV has developed a way for customers to watch movies, television series, documentaries, news and many more even if it rains or shine. Customers are able to watch uninterrupted, crystal clear transmission regardless of the weather. It has also come out with its great value pack whereby customers only pay for what they want. Malaysian customers who subscribe for Hypp TV will have total control on the movies they watch.

Customers are able to watch what they want and anytime they want. It is because they are able to play, pause or stop the movie they’re watching. Hypp TV also supports high definition channels. Customers can now enjoy a variety of great programs and shows in high definition. Weakness Hypp TV customers are required to register unifi before they are able to use the services of Hypp TV. Without high speed internet access, movies will have difficulties in loading.

It will in fact take more time to buffer than to watch a movie. Hypp TV failed to attract more customers to subscribe to its TV. Opportunity The most obvious opportunity that Hypp TV took was to collaborate with showing high definition movies. With its lighting fast internet speed, Hypp TV subscribers are able to watch them at any time without problem with buffering. They also show latest movies that have recently been screen in cinemas like the all-time favourites “The Avengers”. Threats

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The threats that Hypp TV faced is they had to compete against bigger and more experience competitors such as Astro. They also lack in experience since Hypp TV was launch not long ago in 2004. They encountered issues in winning consumer’s interest especially in subscribing to their own television services. Target Audience Hypp TV targets audiences at different ages. Although it is nowhere near its competitor, it still targets customers with their entertainment, sports and also news channels.

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