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Hvac Tube

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Tube in tube condensers Small tube in tube condensers Straight tube in tube condensers Shell and water cooled condensers Vertical shell and coil water cooled condensers Shell and tube water cooled condensers Vertical shell and tube condensers Surface condenser Counter flow in condensers Cross flow in condensers Air cooled condensers Cooling Tower Re circulated water system Condenser control Condenser capacity Condensing temperature control Expansion valve Objectives Expansion device Superheat sensor on dry expansion circuit Thermostatic expansion valve Automatic expansion valve

Thermal electric expansion valve Capillary tube High pressure float valve Low pressure float valve TWO Control Operation of thermostatic expansion valve TWO Operation Evaporator Evaporator Control Splitting finned - tube evaporator coils Row - split coil configuration Refrigeration accessories and their locations Superconductivity. Webby. Com Filtering and drying Pressure controls and their application Window air conditioners The refrigeration system of the window air conditioner Parts of the window air conditioners The reiteration system to the window air conditioner :

The refrigeration system of the window air conditioner: Types of Split A/c Parts of a split air - conditioning system Air filter Outdoor unit Refrigerant piping or tubing Working of split AC Pressure sides Air Conditioning schematic system : The various steps involved in this method are: 1. Select suitable velocities in the main and branch ducts. 2. Find the diameters of main and branch ducts from airflow rates and velocities for circular ducts. For rectangular ducts, find the cross - sectional area from flow rate and velocity, and then y fixing the aspect ratio, find the two sides of the rectangular duct. . From the velocities and duct dimensions obtained in the previous step, find the frictional pressure drop for main and branch ducts using friction chart or equation

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Hvac Tube

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