Human Sexuality Essay Vocab Words

those feelings that promote closeness or boundedness and the experience of warmth
the drive leading to physical attraction, sexual relations and romance
refers to the decision to love another person and the commitment to maintain the relationship over time
Consummate Love
middle of the sternberg triangle:
intimacy, commitment and passion are present
Romantic Love
Passion and Intimacy, lack commitment
Infatuation Love
Only passion is present
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Fatuous Love
Passion and Commitment are present (what most college relationships are)
Empty Love
Only commitment is present
Compassionate Love
Intimacy & commitment present, lack passion
if there is no intimacy, commitment or passion present
Sternberg believes most ________ love turns into companionate love
highly romantic love based on physical beauty (love at first sight)
self centered type of love; avoids commitment and treats love as a game
affectionate type of love that develops from friendship over time (no physical ideal and does not go out looking for love)
rational or practical style of loving resulting from combining ludus and storge; they consciously use manipulative confidence of ludic lovers and consciously look for a compatible mate
love style characterized by intense emotional dependency (in love with being in love)
selfless, altruistic love that puts the interest of the loved person ahead of their own, even if it means a sacrifice
an emotional state that is aroused by a perceived threat to a valued relationship or position
refers to repeatedly seeking sexual arousal by observing nude persons without their consent
refers to exposing one’s genitals compulsively in inappropriate settings for sexual gratification
refers to a condition in which sexual arousal is achieved primarily by rubbing one’s genitals against others in public places
Telephone scatologia
refers to a condition in which sexual arousal is achieved primarily by making obscene telephone calls
refers to lover of children where an adult receives gratification from children who have not reached puberty
refers to a condition where sexual arousal occurs primarily when using or fantasizing about an inanimate object
refers to a strong or recurrent arousal to a specific part of the body
refers to a condition in which sexual arousal is achieved primarily by dressing as a member of the opposite sex (a large majority are married and heterosexual men)
sexual arousal caused by urinating
sexual arousal is caused by feces or the act of defecation
sexual arousal is caused by filth or filthy surroundings
sexual arousal is achieved by giving an enema
the act of having sexual contact with an animal
sexual contact with animals as primary means of sexual gratification
infliction of pain to achieve sexual arousal
the link between sadism and masochism
individuals obtain sexual pleasure primarily from having pain inflicted upon them
humiliating, ruling and controlling the partner
obeying and yielding to the other individual
sexual arousal by a dead body
Autoerotic asphyxiation
depriving oneself of oxygen during masturbation induced orgasm
Early Infancy 0-1
-baby girls can have vaginal lubrication the first 24 hours after birth
-1 out of 3 infants died in foundling homes due to emotional neglect
-when infants can control movement, bodily exploration occurs
-explore at random and do not express sexual desire, just pleasurable sensations
Early Childhood 2-6
Sexual Exploration
-sexualized behavior peaks between ages 3-5 and decreases at puberty
-usually occurs among same sex
-boys often engage in more touching than girls
Ages 7-11 – Latency Stage
modesty and inhibitions occur
-by age 9 children often segregate
-girls are usually treated more harshly than boys
-sexuality develops steadily through childhood
Puberty ages 7-15
-expression of first sexual attraction and become capable of reproduction
-Two Parts:
1) adrenarche (ages 6-8) where adrenal glands secrete androgen hormone DHEA which connects to estrogen and testosterone
2) gonadarche – several years after adrenarche pituitary glad secretes FSH in high doses produce sperm in boys and maturation of ova in girls
________ of 100% of rape victims are under age 18
_________ of 100% of rape victims are under age 11
Acquaintance Rape
committed by someone who is known by the victim
Date Rape
committed during a social encounter agreed to by the victim
Marital rape
refers to rape of a wife from her husband
Gang rape
rape in which a victim is assaulted by more than one attacker
Statutory rape
sexual intercourse by an adult with a consenting partner who is not yet of legal age of consent
Power rapists
commit their attacks in order to overcome personal feelings of inadequacy
Anger rapists
commit attacks out of hostility and anger directed at their victims or women in general
Sadistic rapists
erotically aroused by physical force and derived pleasure from inflicting pain
Opportunistic rapists
motivated by desire of sex to rape whenever there is an opportunity
about _______ % of rapists are reconvicted
includes literature or art with sexual themes
Missionary position
man on top, said by Christian missionaries as the correct way to have sex
Men, Women
_____ have sex for physical reasons, ______ have sex for emotional needs
College male students
________ prefer woman on top, then man on top
_____ preferred man on top over woman on top
___% of rape victims are raped by people they know. Acquaintance rape
____% of rape victims are raped by family members
____% of rape victims are raped by strangers

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