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Human Services Practice Framework

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SWK141A MODULE THREE LEARNING ACTIVITY DUE 12/04/13 think about the following three broad practice contexts 1. Remote areas health policy at the national level 1.

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Human Services Practice Framework

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. The practice method in this context would be Social policy 3. The Target population includes people living in remote locations. 4. The practice approach chosen is the radical, structural and critical approach due to the focus of social action being on the system, and the outcomes on broad social change at a structural level.

Chenoweth & McAuliffe ( 2008) state that the radical and structural approaches align with the social model of disability barriers create disability through social and environmental issues. therefore, change is made possible through policy and legislation affecting the whole of the remote regions. 5. Five ways further knowledge could be generated include : 1) Procedural knowledge: finding relevant legislation and policy, and promoting and engaging in actions aligned with current requirements. ) Empirical data: Collection of data from hospitals and other healthcare clinics throughout the regions. 3) Theoretical knowledge. relating to the policy outcomes 4) Practice wisdom: applied from knowledge acquired from previous experience. 5) Professional knowledge : Knowledge stemming from theoretical practice guidelines. 2. Individual counselling for gambling addiction. 1. The practice context is at the micro practice level 2. The practice method in this context would be Direct practice with individuals 3.

The target population is individuals with gambling addictions. 4. A practice approach using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy may be beneficial because the target of therapy is on thinking and behavior change. It is believed that thoughts create emotions which drive behaviour, so with the focus on changing the thought process, emotional and behavioural changes can result (Gerald and Gerald, 2009). 5. Five different ways of generating knowledge in this practice context are: 1) Practice wisdom including the use of previous systemic reflection. ) Personal reflection on how each session is progressing. 3) Empirical research from research in gambling and addictions, data and other resource information, . 4) Observation: from other practitioners. 5) Theoretical knowledge. 3. Community development to strengthen social networks in Katherine, NT. 1. The practice context is at the mezzo practice level 2. The practice method in this context would be community work 3. The target population is the people living within the Katherine, NT region. 4.

A practice approach is systems and ecological perspectives because this approach is from the perspective of people interacting with different parts of their environment making it applicable for developing community development solutions. As well focus can be on improving systems within the community because this approach looks at the various systems and how they relate to each other (Chenoweth & McAuliffe. 2008). 5. Knowledge can be generated via: 1) Theoretical knowledge: theories previously shown to have positive outcomes for community development. ) Empirical knowledge: derived from statistical data on what areas are in greater need for development as well as numerous other areas of information required. 3) Procedural Knowledge: policy and legislation information is crucial to the projects outcomes in a broader context. 4) Professional knowledge: 5) Practice wisdom. REFERENCES Chenoweth, L. & McAuliffe, D. (2008). The Road to Social Work & Human Service Practice. South Melbourne, VIC: Cengage Learning. Gerald, D. & Gerald, K. (2009). Basic Personal Counselling

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