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Huckleberry Finn’s Road to Maturation

Essay Topic:

Huck states to Judge Thatcher “Please take it, and don’t ask me nothing—then I won’t have to tell no lies” (16). That quote is said by Huck to Judge Thatcher when Huck finds his pap is in town and pap will try to take his money. The Maturation of Huckleberry Finn is important because its about Huck making the right decisions to help him and Jim to freedom.

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, begins with Huck introducing himself. He is wild and carefree, playing jokes on people and believing them all to be hilarious.

When his adventures grow to require more maturity than ever, there is a drastic change in his opinions, thoughts, and his views of “right and wrong”. By the time the book is over, it is apparent that he has matured greatly since the introduction of the novel. Mark Twain is making a point about Huck’s maturation; the specific point he is making is that even though Huck had a rough past he still does his best to make himself and his friend Jim a bright future. This analysis will include Hucks loyalty to Jim, Hucks bravery, and when Huck feels bad about his actions. Huckleberry Finn’s Road to Maturation

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