Hubspot Certification – Social Publishing

How does social publishing assist in executing all four stages of the Inbound
practice of sharing content that our intended audience would find relevant, while nurturing relationships with them online.

Attract: Posts on social media are vital pieces of real, include links to our posts i.e. publish a tweet including a link to our site
Convert: links in our posts to forms, CTAs or landing pages
Close: social media allows us to expand our brand’s reach and communicate any developments in real time
Delight: offer real time customer service through social media

What is social proof?
votes of confidence from large groups of people that would compel other people to join the group

Social proof is measured by the amount of interactions an article has on social media

Where else in HubSpot would you look to analyze your social publishing efforts?
Hubspot Sources report enables us to track which social media channels are generating visits, contacts and customers
What are some of the benefits of using HubSpot to publish your social media posts?
we can attach and publish our blog posts, landing pages, and images to different social media channels from HubSpot’s Social Publishing tool
Share content to different social media channels…hubspot enables us to share and vary our content across different social media channels from the publishing tool.
Include any social media post to a campaign; we can use our social media content as assets for achieving an overall goal
Identify any contacts who engaged with our message; in addition to measuring how many clicks a post generated, we can also see who in our contact database engaged with our content
Best practices for social media publishing
Optimize your company’s profile
Share relevant industry content
create social media style guide
publish on a consistent basis
include links when relevant
review your social media ROI
What are the three main components of an optimized social media profile?
1. company image or logo
2. description of what your company does
3. a link pointing back to your website
Should we share relevant industry content, even if it wasn’t written by us? If so, why? If not, why not?
Yes. Social media is about engaging with others. Establish yourself as a trustworthy source of information for your audience by sharing relevant industry content.
Why would a company want to create a social media style guide?
they are essential for maintaining your brand integrity
What are some things that a company might want to put into a social media style guide?
ensure grammatical consistency, tense, hashtag use rules, tone of voice reflecting brand personality, imaging guidelines, proper attribution
How do bulk uploads work? Which network(s) can you bulk upload to?
Social>Publishing>Compose a message>Bulk scheduling>choose the account that you want to publish to>download your customized sample bulk scheduling file>Upload your spreadsheet of social media messages(Four columns of data; date MM/DD/YYYY, Message, Link, Campaign)>Upload

You can only use the bulk upload feature to schedule posts on Twitter.

Which social networks can HubSpot publish to?
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Xing
When you publish a message to Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, can you see
the specific person who:
o Clicked on a post or tweet?
o Retweeted you?
o Liked your post?
o Shared your post?
o Commented on a post?
Does HubSpot automatically shorten links if you include them in your posts?
Yes. By default, HubSpot shortens all links, when they publish, to “” links.
While some social media sites track multiple interactions with a post/tweet as a click, HubSpot only tracks direct clicks to the shortened URL.
In the past, HubSpot relied on for its link shortening. These URLs were “” links. These URLs will continue to function and track clicks.
As an alternative to HubSpot’s link shortener, you can purchase a vanity domain through and connect to HubSpot.
A link you include in the Social Publishing tool will be automatically shortened to a 22-character tracking URL.
The 140-character limit for Twitter posts counts for URLs, so if you are including a link, your effective character limit is 118.
Images count as links for this purpose, so including an image will use 22 characters.
What specific information can you see about a post published using the Social Media publishing tool?
Published date and time, publisher, post title and URL, # of clicks, # of interactions, link to details
What is the process for connecting a social media account for use in HubSpot?
Social>Social Settings>Connect another account. Be sure to be logged onto the social media account before adding in Hubspot