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Hrm 556

Course: Human Resources Management 346 Assignment: Integration and Application Questions (1-4) Week: 4 Name: Date: January 30, 2010 1(a): Which company do you think needs to be more concerned about recruiting? Why? After reading both integrative cases I feel that Lincoln needs to be the most concerned with recruiting.

Lincoln Electric only post for entry level position externally this does not help them to build enough brand recognition within the communities that they serve.When an organization has strong brand recognition they are able to generate a large applicant flow.

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For example, 2006, Southwest hired 3,633 people, but received 280,000 applications. 1(b): What should be the objectives of each company’s recruiting efforts? Relate the recruiting objectives to each company’s strategic objective. The objectives for SWA should be to keep the focus on maintaining the reputation for having an employee friendly culture. This will continue to help SWA attract and retain employee friendly applicants/employees.Lincoln Electric on the other hand, needs to do a little more work with their recruiting process.

I do not feel that it is wise to solely rely on promote from within strategy to fill skill positions. I have seen this happen in a previous organization that I worked for, they only hired externally for entry level positions. The promotion from within did improve employee morale however it did not help sometimes when we had to select from our internal candidates for management positions that did not necessarily have the skills for. Leadership skills can not be taught.However, I do believe they can be improved by further training. 1(c): Which company is most likely to have the most difficult time creating a large pool of qualified applicants? Explain your reasoning. I feel that Lincoln Electric would have the most difficulty in creating a large pool of applicants.

Lincoln Electric post’s every job opening internally which limits the organization to their internal workforce only. With this being the process I do not feel that this allows the organization the opportunity to build brand recognition in the community.In addition, the only jobs that they permit for external hiring is for entry level positions. Even though they have great success in the Cleveland market yielding low turnover rates of less than four percent high employee and customer satisfaction they will need to revisit their current recruitment strategy to prepare for future growth. In addition, it was mentioned that they experienced some challenges when they expanded operations globally and in other markets outside of Cleveland with recruitment. (d): For each company, describe the practices that are most likely to influence employee turnover. Does low turnover contribute to the success of these companies? Explain For Southwest Airlines the forces that have led to SW’s turnover is possibly due to employing those that are not a “good fit” into the company’s culture.

SW places a lot of emphasis on delivering superior customer service and for every employee to deliver on a daily basis can be challenging. Lincoln Electric turnover would probably be due to the number of internal candidates that compete for growth opportunities.I feel that once an employee who is seeking greater responsibility does not get it they will eventually leave. Furthermore, I do think that because of the low turnover for both company’s it has afforded them the opportunity to be successful in their perspective industry. Whenever any company experience low turnover they are always able to maintain productivity, customer satisfaction and maintain positive employee morale. In addition, when turnover is high they lose productivity first, they have to replace that exiting employee and then second they have to get the new employee trained which takes time.