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How to Write an Essay 3: Body

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How to Write an Essay: Body

All we have to do is to write the sup-Birt and give specific reasons, details,

and explanations.

For example,

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First Of an, my child can learn English better in the US than in Korea.

At school, my child will learn various subjects like Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, and Art in English.

Doing so, he/she can talk and write about various topics in English.

Then after school, my child will converse with others in English.

 his way, he/ she will practice conversational English.


To explain, sentence

is called the "topic sentence" and it contains the

most important information. Sentences


contains specific

examples and details that explain how the child will learn English better. After


, you can write a sentence about your next paragraph. However, this is

not required.

Got it? You can write the other two supporting paragraphs the same way.

Now, expand the second and the third paragraphs in your own words.

Second of all, my child can experience various languages and cultures

in the US. (expand this like paragraph 2 and write at least four more sentences.)

Thirdly, my child can play various sports in the US (expand this like

paragraph 2 and write at least four more sentences.).

This essay was written by a fellow student. You can use it as an example when writing your own essay or use it as a source, but you need cite it.

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