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How To Create Edits

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DATA", when the edit is loaded onto the machine, he edit will appear With the title "Liverwurst". The second method involves using Symphony which allows you convert a Stephanie simile (. Sir file) into the DATA format generated by Kinsman's online Step Editor. Stephanie is generally seen as having a better user interface and testing environment for creating edit data than Kinsman's online editor. Symphony also allows you to convert songs that the Sonoma Step Editor does not support, including older songs from past mixes and DIR XX songs. First, you must download the latest version of Symphony at http://sites. Goose. Mom/site/dairymaid/Symphony. Zip . Extract the files into a folder on your computer. Launch the program. You may receive an error that an Internet connection is needed to use Symphony. Symphony works by simulating the Sonoma Step Editor by sending the website the step data needed to generate an edit file, but it will replace the appropriate music id so that the file generated works for the song you choose. Because of the is, an internet connection is needed. The first step is to find the simile of the song you want to convert. Typically, Stephanie songs are found in If electroplatesSongs or Files(ex.)StephanieSongs (for Vista/7).

Select the . SMS file and the title of the song will be displayed in the textbook below it. Below this is a list of songs from the master id list that might possibly represent the song you chose. Sometimes the title of your . SMS file may not match what is found in the master id list. Try editing the title of the song so that the list of songs eventually shows you the song you are converting. An example is when you edit "Healing Vision(Angelic Mix)", the master id list has it titled "Healing Vision -Angelic Mix-". Modifying the textbook to "Healing Vision" will show several songs with the name, including "Healing

Vision -Angelic Mix-". Select that song as the one you are converting. Once you have selected the song, select the style of play you are converting (single, double or couple). The difficulty below it indicates which chart from the . SMS file you are converting over. This might be a "Challenge" chart or "Edit" chart. If there are multiple Edit charts in your . SMS file, only the first one can be read. On the right Of Symphony's screen are options for the edit data produced. The region is for the region your playing in (North America or Europe). The Difficulty indicates what the chart will show up as in DIR X/XX.

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Remember, some songs in XX will play a Chinese version if the Challenge chart is selected, so if your edit indicates it is a Challenge chart and the song has a Chinese version, the Chinese version will play for your edit. The rating is the number of "feet" the song is rated. The comments are generic comments you can give your edit that show up in the game. The edits name is the name of your edit (limited to 8 characters). Finally, the Measure offset is used for cases where your . SMS file's first beat isn't on the same measure as the official data's first beat. An example is the song Red Zone.

In the official data, the first beat is found on the 5th measure, but in the . Sir file found on genius-I-banisher's website, the first beat starts on the 6th measure. Because of this, the offset must be set to -1 , which indicates the first beat will be moved backwards one measure. For songs in which a known offset is needed, Symphony will have the offset already programmed in. As more songs are discovered to need an offset, Symphony will be updated to reflect what those offsets are. When you have set all of your options, click "Generate . DATA". After several seconds, a Save File Dialog should display, allowing you to save your enervated .

DATA file to your computer. After you have generated all of your edits, you must combine the edits into a "zip" file. Windows has a built in Zip program, but other alternatives are zip and Winner. You can include up to 30 edits in one zip file. Once you have done this, you must visit Kinsman's library manager at http://direct. Contamination. Com/address/library_manager/ index. PH. Here you will select what region you are in and select the zip file you just created and click "Save". A file will be returned to you titled DIR EDIT U. DATA. The . DATA generated this time MUST be named or (for Europe).

This file must be saved to a folder "DIR_EDIT' at the root level of your USB drive. Once this is done, you may use the thumb drive to play your edits on a DIR X or XX machine! Troubleshooting put the -SMS files onto my thumb drive and the game didn't recognize them. DIR X/XX does not recognize the . SMS format, this is why the program Symphony is needed. Symphony converts the . SMS format to a format readable by DIR X/ put the -DATA files in DIR EDIT and the game did not recognize them. This is because the game does not recognized individual . DATA file. The game requires that all edits are compiled into a single .

DATA file called for Europe). This is what the Library Manager found on Kinsman's website (see above) is used for. 3. My edit seems off, how do I sync it? Edits do not contain any syncing data, only step placement and note types. If the step data seems to be a measure or more early or late, use the Measure offset feature to adjust the data so that it lines up with the game's music. If the song's official data is off sync, your edit data will be off sync as well. 4. My edit has blank measures, what gives? Edit data only supports 4th, 8th, 1 oh and 12th notes. This, 32nd and this are not supported.

Also, because of the limited format, 12th notes can only exist inside a single quarter note range. Any quarter note section that contains this and any other note (ethos, this, etc) will be blank. 5. What about hands? The game supports hands if they are part of a freeze, but hands as a set of notes pressed on the same beat are not supported by the game. 6. Some of my freezes are being combined into a long freeze, what gives? If freeze arrows of the same direction are only separated by a 16th note, the game will combine these into a single freeze arrow. This is a bug that's present in edit mode in all DIR versions.

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