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How Internet Addiction Affects Student’s Academic Performance

How Internet addiction affects student’s academic performance Internet addiction in the twenty-first century is as common as the flu. Technology has expanded, and about anyone, anywhere on earth has access to the web and is about to go online. The effect of this addiction may seem harmless but it has a great toll on the body and their academic performance.

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It can drastically change their life. The addiction, like any other, starts around the first few experiences.

In the twenty-first century it starts roughly at the young age as ten to about anywhere in their adult-hood. Internet addiction isn’t only about the famous social media chat sites such as Facebook or twitter. It has a lot to do with v-logging, videos, forums, and various types of internet gaming. Technology nowadays is progressing at such a rapid speed that it makes virtually any task as simple as one click process. When the addiction is in affect, the mind doesn’t think of anything else but that.

Especially when he/she has found himself online to what may seem a few hours but may actually be the entire day or two before realising. This affects greatly the sleep one needs in order to function on a daily basis, and everyone understands the importance of sleep. The person may also be deprived of food, the nutrition the body needs. The academic performance of the individual decreases tremendously. People in this addiction sub-consciously put tasks aside for another day or plan to do it in the very last minute.

Procrastination on homework/assignments lead to marks falling quickly. They also start being late or even start missing classes due to the effect. This will easily lead to failure and/or being laid off work. In conclusion, the last generation has a lot on their plate and also have a lot of issues. The issues of health benefits, life changes, and the effects it has on their academic performances. A lot of something is a lot worse than a little of everything. Majority of the people have a lot to work on but have a lot of assistances on the way.