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How Does Black History Month Relate to Education ?

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The very essence and importance of Black History Month is to the whole world. It is of importance to educate the world and make sure that everyone is aware of the trials and hardships that we had to go through starting with slavery. There are various way that you can tie this significant month with education. Most Africans American do not realize how you need education to learn about these significant events that we lead up to today. Black History Month is celebrated during the month of February each year. Black History Month is not just a month but each day is a celebration for what our ancestors went through.

During Black History Month, there days where we look at the things that all our ancestors and famous African Americans did for us like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, and the Little Rock Nine. All of these people had a special affect on the lives of African Americans today. They all had one thing in common also which was standing up for what they believe in. Rosa Parks allowed for us to sit in front of the bus, Martin Luther King Jr had a dream which we are still working on, and the Little Rock Nine allowed for the schools to become integrated.

Schools, churches, and the community help with this celebration. Most schools celebrate Black History Month especially predominately African American schools because without the events that African Americans went through, there would be no integrated schools, teams, or even jobs. Some might think that we still would have been slaves, not have the ability to interact with other races, or even still living without freedom or respect. Some would also say that we as African Americans would still be treated disrespectfully or like an untamed animal.

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How Does Black History Month Relate to Education ?

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Not knowing about this month, would not allow for us to have freedom or even our rights. We as the a society need to make sure that we keep educating people especially African Americans on what we have been through and what we fought for especially with the people that fought for us including our ancestors. People take our rights and the freedom that we gained for granted. Without black history, we would not have a month, rights, freedom, or even equality.

They all went through disrespectful trials to make sure African Americans now can have the comfort to live. These events led us up to today with African Americans having the ability to go to school and to gain an education. African Americans and other races need an education to take them to follow their dreams on what ever they want to do. Now we are at the year 2013, where there are many African Americans succeeding and taking over the world such as our President Barack Obama.

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