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Horror in the Maing

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Another sub-genre of supernatural horror took off in the sass also, with Carrie 1976), a Stephen King based film, and The Omen (1976), which was part psychological horror, part supernatural; and was strongest in the sass with films such as Poltergeist (1982) and Child's Play (1988). Since sass's Dawn of the Dead horror has been almost always full of gory blood and guts, notable examples being My Bloody Valentine (1981) and Videophone (1983).

Today the whole "gore fest" Is what most horror films are, such as the Saw series (2004-2010), the Final Destination series (2000-). Countless remakes of older, classic horrors are also being churned out, such remakes including The Phantom of the Opera (2004) and The Omen (2006). The horror franchise has truly become a joke, with only a couple of really good horror films having been churned out in the last decade, and constant remarking, gore fests, and sequels being churned out.

You can tell it's a Joke thanks to Matthew Horn and James Cordon's Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009), which was clearly taking the muck, and did it successfully, and the Scary Movies (2000-2006) to a less successful degree. HORROR CAN MEAN DIFFERENT THINGS When people think of horror in a film, they might think of blood, gore and violence. Horror can also be used to describe a film containing supernatural themes, or frightening or disturbing content.

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Older horror films would be based around people's actual fears, the things happening In the movies would be things that could actually happen to a normal excellent, a good example would be Psycho (ODL Hitchcock 1960) It shows a women wanting to escape from her regular life, and running away to meet a partner, stopping in a motel on the way, which is obviously where the troubles begins. Recent horror films have many sub-genres to them and I feel the even though hey do have the same conventions from a typical horror, the pure horror genre is rapidly disappearing.

For example, most horrors nowadays have a mixed genre; torture films (saw, dir Wan, 2004) thrillers (The departed, dir Scores, 2006) and horror parodies (scary movie, dir Yawns, 2000) The audience attracted to horror films now expect more gore and more fictional, Jumpy storyline, two popular examples being the Mist (dir Dartboard, 2007) and Jeepers Creepers (dir Salsa 2001). Both films included fictional monsters, which we know do not exist in the real world, forever both films are placed under the horror genre because the modern audience find things like this scarier, Fear of the unknown.

Audience expectations Why do people choose to watch horror films? Horror films are able to entertain and excite audience on a level other film genres can't. The "Thrill factor" makes them appealing to audiences and is what makes them so different and unique to other genres. Audiences come to expect certain codes and conventions in any given genre. Horror films are designed to elicit strong emotional reactions from viewers, including fear and dread; Researchers have identified various datives for viewing horror films, including the need for excitement, the desire to feel intense emotions, and distraction from everyday concerns.

Although dramatic films can fulfill some of these needs, movies depicting violence and horror have features that other forms of drama do not, including the violation of social norms and the portrayal of events seldom seen in real life. Audiences willingly offer themselves up to sadistic storytellers to be scared witless, and they are happy to pay for the privilege. Theories abound as to why this is so; do we derive basic thrills from reigning the rush of adrenalin which fear brings People rarely view horror films alone.

Violent entertainment appeals primarily to males, and it appeals to them mostly in groups. For many young people and adults, horror films are a topic of conversation, a source of shared experience, and a meaner of self-presentation. Not everyone will like the blood and gore, but many may continue to watch because of other goals, such as demonstrating their ability to tolerate it, or the desire to master the threatening images. As film technology advances and the things that audiences look for in horror films changes

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