Hootsuite Quiz Answers

Within a Hootsuite Organization, a _____________ is the person responsible for determining the hierarchical structure that will be used within the Hootsuite dashboard
Super Admin
Single sign on allows a network administrator to quickly revoke employee access to every tool and service in the corporate network, ensuring __________________.
the security of all company data once someone has left the organization
Which of the following best describes ‘internal post-tagging
a useful way to categorize outbound and inbound messages for a variety of purposes
Which of the following two statements regarding internal post-tagging are true?
the tags available for selection are predetermined by admins; you can enter multiple tags per message
Hootsuite’s content library allows employees to:
easily share pre-approved messaging and visuals to the networks connected to their dashboard
Which of the following is a true statement about using Hootsuite Amplify?
employees need to connect their personal social networks in order to share content
In the ___________________, fill in the content for the tabs that will be displayed on your Enterprise Campaign page, such as terms and conditions.
Page Content section
If you’ve selected ____________________ for your campaign, you can monitor, accept or reject campaign entries before they are displayed in your social gallery, which is important for assuring the quality of the content that will become associated with your brand.
“Entry Moderation”
Team metrics are available to:
Team Admins for the team to which they are assigned
Time metrics available for the Assignments Board are:
Pick Up Time, First Response Time, Handling Time, Resolution Time
To find and engage in Twitter conversations happening in specific geographical areas that are relevant to your company, you should use:
geo-search streams
To find all mentions of your competitor’s branded hashtag within a given radius of a store you’ve opened up in a new city, you should:
set up a geo-search stream, filtered by the hashtag AND the desired radius around the geocode for the new store
To send a carefully crafted message more than once, you should use:
Hootsuite Drafts
_______________ is a tool within Hootsuite that searches the web for content relevant to your interests that can be subsequently shared across your social accounts.
If you want to use Hootsuite Campaigns to engage and grow your Instagram audience, use a/an ___________________________ to curate content that your audience can share and vote on.
Instagram Contest campaign
Before deciding on a campaign hashtag for your Hootsuite Campaign, be sure to ____________________________ and that the hashtag is short, easy to remember, and relevant to the campaign.
research it beforehand to ensure it’s not already in use
The Boards feature is:
a fully customizable, real-time display of social metrics data
What is an advantage of sharing a Board with a colleague rather than sending them a static analytics report?
boards provide your colleagues with continuous access to real time data, whenever they want it
Hootsuite Mobile is useful for teams because of the following functionality
Assignments and Approvals
Which statement most accurately describes incoming message assignments functionality in Hootsuite Mobile?
Assignments made from your desktop dashboard will be visible on mobile, and vice versa
The top of the Hootsuite Organizations structure is the:
Super-Admin Level
To efficiently engage with a social media audience, we encourage Organization Admins and Super-Admins to:
create Teams dedicated to specific functions like sales, marketing and customer support
To begin using Hootsuite, you need to connect your social media accounts. Two areas where you can add a social network are:
Engagement view (also known as streams view); Account View/User Profile
Which of the following statements about adding social networks to Hootsuite is false?
You can link any supported social network to Hootsuite, regardless of whether you have account access
_______ are created under ________, similar to how you create individual files within a broader file folder.
Streams, Tabs
___________ allow you to track and monitor social activity around certain keywords, phrases and even specific users or locations.
Search streams
When using the Compose Box in Hootsuite, what’s the purpose of the Social Profile Picker?
To select the social profiles to which you want to publish your message
When publishing to Instagram using Hootsuite, which steps are you able to do within the Hootsuite dashboard on your desktop? (pick three)
Scheduling when your Instagram post should publish; Selecting the image you’d like to publish; Including the link you’d like to publish with your image
The following features are accessible on Hootsuite Mobile:
Streams, Publisher, Compose box, Search and Settings
When using the Compose Box in Hootsuite Mobile, which options are available for sending your message?
Send Now, Auto-Schedule, or Schedule a custom time
When you’re creating a campaign in Hootsuite Campaigns, and trying to decide what information contestants must provide, what are two best practices?
be sure that the prize you’re offering justifies the amount of information being asked for; not to ask for more information than you need
When selecting a campaign type in Hootsuite Campaigns, you’d use____________________ to engage fans and acquire email leads with an attractive prize, and ____________________ to simply get people to sign up for a special event, newsletter, or special offer.
Social Sweepstakes, Sign Ups