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Honor Is Cyrano de Bergerac

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Honor in Cyrano de Bergerac People in today’s society have many different aspects about their character that make them who they are. Positive character traits can be found in people around the globe and in the characters that many read about in books. Edmond Rostand presents the character Cyrano in the play Cyrano de Bergerac with a many positive traits that make him a very relatable character. Cyrano lives his life based on a strict code of honor through his actions. A code of honor can be seen in the way Cyrano acts towards himself.

His pride shows this many times throughout the play. One example of this is when Cyrano fights Valvert over his own nose whilst at the play in the beginning of the novel. This shows that he respects himself and does not feel as though others should be able to point out his flaws. His own integrity also reveals his honor. When Cyrano talks with de Guiche about changing his poetry so they can sell it he says, “Impossible, sir; my blood curdles at the thought of having a single comma changed” (87).

This scene reveals that Cyrano cannot be so easily morally corrupted because he expresses himself through his own works. Honor is also revealed in his altruism. The fact that Cyrano does not want to date Roxane, even after Christian dies, reveals this. This shows that he is unselfish and wants to put the wants and needs of others before his own. Cyrano’s sense of honor can be seen all throughout the play in his actions towards himself. Cyrano’s code of honor is shown in the way that he acts towards his friends.

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Honor Is Cyrano de Bergerac

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His service rather than selfishness reveals this code of honor. One example of this was when he helps Christian impress Roxane by helping him speak more eloquently and intelligently all throughout the book. He goes out of his way to do something for his friend so that Christian can be happy. Cyrano’s loyalty towards Ragueneau also reveals his code of honor. This makes an appearance when he attempts to tell him that the poets in his shop are taking advantage of him by saying, “Haven’t you ever noticed how they stuff themselves while they listen to your verse? (70). His actions reveal that he cares for his friend and does not want to see him being taken advantage of. Honor can also be seen in Cyrano’s duty to Christian. This can be seen when he tells the dying Christian that Roxane still loves him. His actions make Christian feel happy, even in his last few minutes alive. Cyrano’s actions towards his friends reveal the strict code of honor that he lives by. Cyrano’s code of honor is shown in his actions towards Roxane. Such honor is displayed in his service rather than selfishness for Roxane.

One example is when Cyrano distracts de Guiche by falling from a tree in order for Christian and Roxane to get married. His actions reveal that he will do whatever he can to see that she is happy. Cyrano’s responsibility to Roxane also reveals his code of honor. This can be seen when Roxane asks him to protect Christian and he says, “I promise” (79). After making a promise to her, he goes out of his way to do anything to keep it and make her happy. Honor can also be seen in Cyrano’s loyalty towards Roxane. This is portrayed when Cyrano shows up every day to the chapel in order to keep her updated on local news.

His actions reveal that he is devoted, wants to please Roxane, and will always be by her side. Cyrano’s actions all throughout the novel towards Roxane reveal a code of honor in which he lives by. Cyrano’s actions throughout the play provide evidence that he lives life by a strict code of honor. This honor is so important many because it is one of the core values of humanity. Often times people go to great lengths to defend their honor for this reason. Honor guides these lives because these people feel that it is a great way for them to assert their individuality.

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