HK 233 Final Review

Maslow’s term Primary Creativity would best be described as?
According to oech, creativity roadblocks can be best described as?
negative perceptions
As described by Oech, this is the “lead” role in the relay team of the creative process
the warrior
according to the creative consultant Vangundy, left brain thinking falls in the domain of
cultural roadblocks
This is considered the first step in the creative solving process
description of the problem
Metamessages are defined by Dr Deborah Tannen are?
indirectness of ones actual intention to communicate
The “Sapir-Whorf” hypothesis suggests that
our perception of reality is based on the limits of our vocabulary
when we are stressed, we exaggerate our own communication style
Giving the “Ok” sign to someone is labeled as this aspect of nonverbal communication
This is the primary factor that explains why people are not good listeners?
people usually prepare their thought while pretending to listen
the stress of “poverty consciousness” is best described this way?
the fear of not enough money
Tips for “financial freedom” includes all but
don’t lend money to your friends
the foundation of sound time management skills includes these aspects
adequately schedule
execute personal daily stressors to satisfaction
The three C’s of time managment
completion dates
The three P’s of time managment
This relaxation techinque, perhaps above all others, is documented to increase brain cells tissues associated with memory and attention span
physical activity
important components of exercise to reap benifits
mode of exercise
This chemical agent is thought to be associated with runner thigh
This hormone is thought to be associated with weight gain
This form of exercise is suggested for people with chronic LBP
This is a coping technique that helps with neutralize the fear of the unknown
information seeking
Social orchestration is really a coping mechanism to
learn to create viable options for ones’s social environments
This theory says that a social support group acts as an effective technique similar attitude and value tend to negate the bad effects of stress
cognitive dissonance theory
assuming there is a correct way to pray, author burnham makes these suggestions
pray in the present tense, with a positive frame of mind
dreams are thought to be an effective coping technique because
they offer insight into helping solve personal issues
In The Integrated Health Programme, How Much Time Was Spent Relaxing?
5 minutes
10 minutes
15 minutes
20 minutes
ten min
What Heart Rate Percentage Does the PE Method Keep You At?
80%- 90%
Which Model Includes Gymnastics and Dancing?
Integrated Health Program
Stress Management Training
Physical Exercise
Regulated Workouts
physical exercise
Which is not a benefit of breathing?
Decreases muscle tension
Improves mental clarity
Helps deal with stress overload
Improves weight loss
improves weight loss
When is diaphragmatic breathing NOT recommended?
Childbirth and labor
During times of stress
If the person has lung problems
Progressive muscle relaxation
if a person has ling problems
What is diaphragmatic breathing?
Breathing from the stomach rather than the thoracic area
Holding your breath and flexing your abdomen
Breathing as slow as you can
Using your upper chest to breathe
Breathing from the stomach rather than the thoracic area
PMR works by:
-Disconnecting the nerves that attach your muscles to your brain
-It doesn’t; it’s a scam
-Allowing the body to burn fat stores
-Initiating the parasympathetic nervous system to turn off the stress response
Initiating the parasympathetic nervous system to turn off the stress response
Which of the following effects can progressive muscle relaxation have?
Decreased heart rate
Reduced headaches
Decreased blood pressure
All of the above
all of the above
Who came up with progressive muscle relaxation?
Albert Einstein
Edmund Jacobson
Sigmund Freud
Bill Nye
edmund jacobson
What are the 2 most important types of Meditation?
Mindfulness and Transcendental
Mindfulness and Guided Visualization
Mindfulness and Mantra
Mindfulness and Trance
Mindfulness and Transcendental
In what region did meditation originate in?
What is the proposed mechanism for the benefits of meditation?
Alpha rhythms
Beta Rhythms
Gamma Rhythms
Theta Rhythms
Alpha rhythms
What is Mental Filtering?
-a situation is all good or all bad, but no balance of both
-putting yourself down by the negative thoughts you have in your everyday life
-only perceive the negatives and harp on them constantly
-find something wrong in the best situations
only perceive the negatives and harp on them constantly
Which of the following is not a major way to change your self-esteem?
-Become aware of your thoughts and beliefs.
-Challenge your negative or inaccurate thinking.
-Adjust your thoughts and beliefs to positives.
-Procrastinate by binging on Netflix.
Procrastinate by binging on Netflix.
Who coined the term positive psychology?
Abraham Maslow
Sigmund Freud
Carl Jung
Abraham Maslow
Music therapy involves:
Listening to pleasing music
Playing an instrument
Singing favorite songs
All of the above
all of the above
Early humans believed that music could be used for
stress relief
exorcise evil spirits
heal wounds
A and B
B and C
B and C
Which of the following are not direct effects of Music Therapy?
decrease blood pressure and heart rate
decrease stress and anxiety
decrease weight gain
alter mood and expressiveness
decrease weight gain
This type of yoga focuses on bringing energy to the brain to prepare it for meditation to follow:
Anusara yoga
Bikram yoga
Ananda yoga
Hatha yoga
ananda yoga
How does yoga relieve stress?
encourages positive outlook on life
stretches important ligaments
a and b
none of the above
a and b
What concept of yoga makes it a great tool for general body health?
-Its focus on prevention and belief in the body’s own ability to heal itself
-Its focus on strenuous activity
-The ability of the body to sweat out unnecessary electrolytes
-The belief that comfortable clothing promotes optimal blood flow
-All of the above
Its focus on prevention and belief in the body’s own ability to heal itself

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