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Hitler Rose to Power Because of the Wall Street Crash in 1929. Do You Agree

Hitler rose to power because of the Wall Street crash in 1929.Do you agree? Hitler came to power in 1933.After a lot of political fighting, debating and campaigning he finally achieved the role of German Chancellor in 1933.

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Hitler had big ambitions and he was finally starting to fulfil them. Hitler, like many other political leaders thought that the Weimar Republic was weak. He promised to take back the Treaty of Versailles by reclaiming land and re-arming Germany.

In 1918 Hitler created powerful propaganda to make people believe that he was Germany’s last hope and that the Weimar Republic had stabbed Germany in the back by ending the war when Germany had a chance to win, this had been a waste of time as Hitler had failed to gain support of the German people. Many factors helped Hitler gain power in 1933 such as the Wall Street crash in 1929. He used the Jews as a scapegoat to blame all of Germany’s problems on them. German civilians believed this and Hitler convinced them Germanys problems would be over.

Hitler appealed to all classes: Junkers (aristocrats) who feared communism, working class who wanted jobs, Hitler also promised to end unemployment, plus the church supported him because he disagreed with communism and the church believed that communism was atheist. These classes voted for Hitler and he gained their guaranteed support. The Munich Putsch in 1923 helped Hitler gain publicity. However this attempt to overthrow the government failed and he was arrested and taken to prison. Whilst in prison he wrote ‘Mein Kamph’ which means ‘my struggle’.

Whilst in prison he was able to think about his strategy and how he would plan getting into power he wrote and published it in this book it was well known around Germany and this helped to get him to power. He thought about lots of strategies and he decided he would need to gain power legally. He decided to use the democratic system which later he destroyed. As a result he re-organised the Nazi party between 1924-1928. He expanded the Nazi party and branches were set up throughout Germany. Some of the socialist elements of the 25 point programme were dropped. Powerful propaganda was used to gain votes.

Dr Goebbels helped persuade people to support the Nazis. However this was difficult to gain votes because this time (1924-1929) in Germany’s history was called ‘The golden Years’ led by Chancellor Stresemann. This pulled Germany out of the post war recession. After this time Germany was struggling to cope on its own. The Wall Street crash occurred just a year later in 1929. Germany’s wealth and economy relied on the American loans flowing into the country providing them with wealth and happiness. When these loans stopped Germanys wealth stopped along with it.

Germany again was struck by poverty and unemployment. Hitler used the Wall Street crash as a means to get people to vote for him. He used his powerful propaganda machine to get people to trust him. The Wall Street crash caused worldwide economic depression, during this time Hitler used all sorts of powerful tactics to campaign for his cause. For example he flew around the country to reach as many people as possible and spread the word of the Nazi party. He used huge Nazi rallies to spread the message too. The Nazi vote began to rise and this spurred Hitler on to try and get more votes.

He persuaded huge companies to back him and support him financially. With this income came greater support from ordinary people because with the name came the trust of customers and followers. The SA became more violent breaking up communist and other political party meetings. The 1928 elections proved unsuccessful for Hitler only getting 12 seats in the Reichstag. To compare with the 1932 elections he lost, but coming a close second. He changed his tactics dramatically since the previous elections. He opened more leisure opportunities for people convincing people they were wealthier than they actually were.

This with many other factors made Hitler a serious contender for Chancellor. More support meant that Hitler had more seats in the Reichstag, his points and views were getting heard. In 1933 Von Papen persuaded Hindenburg to appoint Hitler as Chancellor. Von Papen told Hindenburg that Hitler could be controlled. He could not be more wrong. As a result of this on January the 30th 1933 Hitler became chancellor of Germany. During World war two the Reichstag building was completely burnt down. Article 48 was enforced and Hitler takes over the Reichstag completely. He had achieved ultimate control of Germany.

To conclude I think the Wall Street Crash was a massive contributor to Hitler coming to power. However I believe it was a case of Hitler being in the right place at the right time. With his captivating speeches, promising propaganda and powerful government. After Streseman’s death in 1929 and the plummet of the German economy Hitler stood a chance at the role of Chancellor. The elections in 1932 told him he was progressing and his strategy was working. Hitler’s strategy worked he ultimately achieved what he set out to do and convinced the German people his frightening strategy was right!!!!

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