History Test I-Quiz Questions

Tobacco Cultivation
Jamestown was ensured by?
Many of the settlers were gentleman and adventurers
Which of the following statements best characterize the Jamestown colony in 1607?
Terrible hardships and sufferings
The first three years of Jamestown history witnessed?
Religious sanctuary for persecuted English Catholics
Unlike Virgina, Maryland was established as?
Both granted religious toleration to all Christian Sects.
What was NOT common to both Virginia and Maryland?
Had little understanding of the knowledge of colonial affairs
During the 1760s, 1770s, most members of Parliament?
Sovreignty of Parliament
A major consideration in the passage of the Stamp Act was?
The belief that individuals had certain natural rights
From the rationalist philosophies of the Enlightenment, American rebels derived?
Closing of the port of Boston outlawing of Mass. Colonial Assembly; restriction of town meetings; quatering of soldiers wherever the British allowed
What were the responses to the Boston Tea Party?
Battle of Lexington and Concord
The hostilities between Britain and colonies came to a head at this battle, also known as ‘Shots heard round the world?
religious refugees
Unlike its southern counterparts, the majority of Englishmen that came to New England were?
Puritanas believed that an individual’s salvation depended on?
Rhode Island
Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson established what colony?
Church members
In the massachusetts bay colony, freeman status was given to males who were?
Massachusetts Bay Colony
Salem Witch Trials occured in what colony?