History of the Atom Worksheet

What is the name of Dalton’s theory?
Dalton’s Atomic theory
What are elements made up of?
What is a compound?
Two or more atoms combined chemically
What did J.J. Thompson discover?
The electron
What is the charge of an electron?
How did J.J. Thompson discover the electron?
By using a cathode ray
What did J.J. Thompson’s model represent?
A plum pudding
What did Ernst Rutherford do?
The gold foil experiment
What did Rutherford find out?
That the nucleus was positively charged
What did Bohr find out?
Created the model of an atom
What does Bohr’s model consist of?
Nucleus with protons, electrons, and neutrons
Why does Bohr’s model represent the solar system?
The electrons orbit just like the planets
How much does the first energy level hold in Bohr’s model?
How much does the second energy level hold in Bohr’s model?
How much does the third energy level hold in Bohr’s model?
How much does the fourth energy level hold in Bohr’s model?
What did Dalton Discover?
All elements are made up of atoms
T of F: atoms can be neither created nor destroyed
T or F: Atoms of different elements are different
T of F: atoms of different elements don’t combine to form a compound
T or F: Elements are not composed of atoms

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