History incorrect ones

Middle Kingdom of Assyria is located southwest ____
The Middle Kingdom of Assyria was located in an area also known as the
Fertile Crescent
China, Russia and Iran are all areas the ______ conquered and incorporated into their empire
The development of financial institutions is a result of the _________ revolution
_____ _____ believes that
the chief problem with the Roman Catholic Church is the practice of selling indulgences. The only way for Christians to receive salvation is through faith alone
Martin Luther
_____ _____ believes that is true that the bible, and not members of the clergy, is the ultimate source of religious truth. However God has already decided who will be saved and who will not
John Calvin
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Labor unions were formed as a result of the _______ revolution
According to Thomas ______ , famine and war were natural checks on population growth
Turkish leader Kemal Atatürk is associate with the adoption of _______ culture
Athens and Gupta both promoted
art and literature
In the early 1930s, millions of Ukrainians died as a result of a forced ______
topographic maps shows _______ features
The ancient Sumerians modified their environment to increase food production by
digging irrigation canals
Which region had the greatest influence on the historical and cultural development of the Byzantine Empire?
The rule of Akbar the Great is important because he accepted _______ and practiced religious
The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was formed with the intent of controlling the supply of oil to ____ prices
Which factor contributed to the fall of the Han dynasty, the fall of the Roman Empire, and the fall of the Abbasid Empire?

invasions by ______ peoples from Central Asia

Which empires gained wealth by controlling the trade of gold, ivory, and salt across the Sahara Desert?
Mali and Songhai
The encomienda system, the latifundia form of land ownership, and the office of viceroy are all closely associated with

______ rule in Latin America

Knowing the latitude of a location would be most helpful in determining
During the European Middle Ages, guilds were created to
standardize goods and prices
Both Ibn Battuta and Mansa Musa demonstrated their religious values by
making a pilgrimage to Mecca
WhichreformwasincludedinAtatürk’seffortsto modernize Turkey?
granting women the right to vote
WhathavemembersoftheEuropeanUnion(EU) and countries of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) both attempted to do?
reduce regional trade barriers
A goal of modern-day religious fundamentalism is to
maintain traditional religious values in society
Which leader is most closely associated with Desmond Tutu and F. W. de Klerk?
Jomo Kenyatta
Which philosophy is most closely associated with the development of the Chinese civil service system?
13 One way Japanese feudalism during the Tokugawa shogunate was different from European feudalism is that during this period of Japanese feudalism
political power was more centralized
The kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai prospered primarily due to their
control of trade routes
One similarity in the policies of Louis XIV and of Suleiman the Magnificent is that both leaders
increased the power of their central
What is a major belief associated with Marxism?
The proletariat would rise up and overthrow the bourgeoisie.
The Berlin Conference in 1884 was significant because it
established rules for the European division of
One way in which Kemal Atatürk of Turkey and Shah Reza Pahlavi of Iran are similar is that both leaders
implemented programs to modernize their nations
FidelCastrowassuccessfulatleadingarevolution in Cuba because he gained the support of
peasant farmers
The policies of the European Union (EU) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) have both resulted in
an increase in interdependence
One way in which the Atlantic slave trade and the Jewish diaspora are similar is that both
forced people to migrate
Which achievements are most closely associated with the Tang and Song dynasties of China?
gunpowder and movable wooden type
The trans-Saharan trade carried out by West African civilizations was primarily based on an exchange of
gold and salt
13 China’s image of itself as the Middle Kingdom is associated with
controlling how contact occurs with other
One reason the Suez Canal has been of strategic importance to countries other than Egypt was that the canal
allowed for faster movement between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean
A similarity between the Sepoy Rebellion in India and the Boxer Rebellion in China is that both were
attempts to remove foreign influence
Japan’s invasion of China in 1937 and Germany’s attack on Poland in 1939 led directly to
the beginning of World War II in Asia and Europe
Which document is most closely associated with the Arab-Israeli conflict?
Balfour Declaration
One way in which the actions of Alexander the Great, Saladin, and Shaka Zulu are similar is that each implemented
military strategies to defeat opponents
One way in which the travels of Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta are similar is that each
stimulated interest in other cultures
Characteristics of the Inca Golden Age
political stability, achievement in arts, science and technology, archeticture and transportation
How did the geography of the Italian peninsula influence the development of the Roman Empire?
The location of the peninsula contributed to Roman control of the Mediterranean region.
TechnologicalachievementsmadeduringtheTang and Song dynasties were important because they
contributed to economic growth and cultural
One way in which the Great Leap Forward and the Four Modernizations are similar is that each was an attempt to
increase farm and factory output
The Boxer Rebellion and the work of Sun Yixian (Sun Yat-sen) are most closely associated with the
rise of nationalism in china
peoples without their own state
Which body of water is located between Southwest Asia and Southeast Asia?
indian ocean
Which civilization most influenced the style of Russian architecture shown in this photograph? Cathedral of st. something 1017-1036
byzantine empire
One important impact of the Mongol expansion across Asia and Europe was the
rise in trade along the Silk Roads
In The Prince, Niccolò Machiavelli was most concerned with
the use of political power
Which situation was an immediate cause for the collapse of the Aztec civilization?
conquest by foreigners
involved with renaissance?
Galileo Galilei published information about a heliocentric universe.
Before1914,nationalismintheBalkanPeninsula contributed to
resistance by ethnic groups to Austrian rule
Which action was taken by the Bolsheviks under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin?
eliminating political opposition
An economic change introduced in the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin would include
collectivizing agriculture
AgoalofboththeEuropeanUnion(EU)andthe North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is to
reduce trade barriers between member nations
Which condition, in combination with drought, has most directly forced the migration of people out of the southern regions bordering the Sahara?
The Nuremberg laws are best described as
anti-Semitic laws of 20th-century Germany
In studying the United Nations, an example of a secondary source would be
a description in an encyclopedia of the first session of the United Nations Security Council
A study of the achievements of pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures would show that they
sustained dense populations through intensive agriculture
DuringtheIndustrialRevolution,whichdevelop- ment resulted from the other three?
formation of labor unions
According to Thomas Malthus, the rate of increase for human populations in relation to the rate of increase for food production was a problem. Malthus believed that
famine and war were natural checks on population growth
During the Cold War, which event occurred last
destruction of berlin wall