history exam chap 3

in the election of 1800, which candidate was tied with thomas jefferson after the first electoral college vote?
aaron burr
why did president jefferson send meriwether lewis and william clark west?
to explore newly acquired US territory
why was the case of Marbury vs. madison significant?
it established the principle of judicial review
which candidate did john quincy adams defeat in the controversial election of 1824?
andrew jackson
which idea is promoted by the concept of nullification?
state’s rights
which group was forcibly relocated by means of the “Trail of Tears”?
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which of the following men was most in favor of seizing land from mexico?
james k. polk
which area did the monroe doctrine aim to free from european influence?
western hemisphere
from which action is Nat Turner famous?
leading a violent slave revolt
what did the abolition movement promote?
ending the institution of slavery
in which year did ohio become a US state?
which of the following had not become a state by 1819?
which current state entered US territory as a result of the Adams-Onis Treaty?
which section of the country was held jointly by the US and britain until 1846?