History 7C

What was the basic social, religious, and political unit in early Japanese society?
clan, mythology, chieftain
What do the Japanese believe about his ancestry?
They believe that they were divine.
What foreign culture had a profound effect on Japan’s early history?
What were the Japanese warriors called
samurai or bushi
What was the the unwritten military code that governed the conduct of the warriors?
Japan is made up of how many main islands and hundreds of lesser ones.
Less than 20% of Japan’s land is suitable for farming, because most of the land is covered in
Unlike China, which had many ruling dynasties, japan has had how many ruling families in its entire history?
What is the name of Japan’s native religion?
There were 2 important vehicles that transmitted Chinese culture to Japan. Name them.
a. Chinese writing system
b. Buddhism
Which Japanese emperor made Beddhism the favored national religion?
Prince Shotoku
In the 12th century, Yoritomo became the supreme military leader in Japan, and was granted the title