History 1301 Chapter 4

Who was roger williams?
A godly puritan minister who claimed that the Church of England was corrupt
What new england land colony attracted dissenters because of its promise of liberty of conscience?
Rhode island
In it’s rejection of catholic ritual what did english puritanism consider central to one’s spiritual life?
Liberty, truth and fatih i suppose
What did puritans think of Quakers?
they were at odds with their beliefs
Why was the charter of the mass. bay company unique?
Permitted government of mass to be located in the colony rather than in england
Why was Anne hutchinson controversial?
subverting good order of colony, her lectures emphasized her opinion that many of the colonies leaders affirmed the arminian covenant of works
What was the halfway covenant
a compromise between mass minister unconverted children of saints would be permitted to become halfway church members, they could baptize but not participate in communion or have voting privileges
What was the purpose of the new england town meeting?
chose the select men and other officials who administered local affairs
In what way did the population of new netherland differ from other northern colonies
highly diverse, immigrants from holland sweden france and germany
What two additional colonies were created as a result of NY coming under english control in the 1660’s?
New Jersey and Pennsylvania
Why did charles ii make a gift of a colony to william penn?
to rid england of the troublesome quakers
What was the purpose of the navigation acts and how did they affect colonial commerce?
goods shipped to and from colonies had to be transported in english ships using english crews, listed colonial products that could be shipped only to england or english colonies, interfered less with commerce of new england and middle colonies whose products could be legally sent to their markets in the west indies
What defined citizenship in Mass after it became a royal colony in 1691
God’s grace
What was the legacy of king philip’s war for english settlers?
left them in debt hatred towards indians and a devestated frontier
What was the purpose of the dominion of new england
it validated all land titles confronting every landowner in new england that they could lose their land