history 12 and 13 checkpoints

what economic problems lurked beneath the general prosperity of the 1920s
agricultural overproduction uneven wealth distribution underconsumption growing credit burden
what happened on October 29, 1929?
Black Tuesday the stock market crashed signaling the Great Depression
what were the primary causes of the Great Depression
unsold agricultural surplus and increasing farm debt, hardships in Europe, and even wealth distribution, stockmarket speculation
how did the stock market crash contribute to the onset of the depression
A lot of the stock market crash sparked chain of events that Quicken the collapse of the entire US economy
how did the Great Depression affected American cities in the early 1930s
called massive unemployment and many poverty and homelessness
how did the decibel make life even more difficult for farmers on the Great Plains
Lost their farms already, but cause them to move from their communities
how did the depression take a toll on women children and minorities in America
Women shared with men anxiety and depression but also had to work. Children quit school and ran away. Minorities indured racism
why was who were reluctant to have the federal government interfere with the economy
he believed individualsin businesses would fix things better and faster than relying on the government
what actions did Herbert Hoover take to fight the effects of the depression
urged Congress to create the RFC
why did Hoover order the removal of the bonus army from its camps
he was worried about the potential for violence
how did FDR’s background and actions help build confidence in the American people
Roosevelt had a sense of self-confidence brought on by a happy childhood. This made him look strong to the American people. I’m like Hoover, FDR thought it was the governments job to step in and help people
what actions did Roosevelt take during his first hundred days in office
pushed 15 new deal bills through Congress and established FDIC and SEC
what were the two major criticisms of FDR’s new deal economic policies
some critics said my government to powerful and other said he wasn’t doing enough. He wasn’t helping poor people; just focusing on wealthy and banks
why did the onset of the depression make it essential to have some form Social Security
when depression hit there was no pension for older people
how did the new deal affect trade unions
created laws that strengthed labor unions
what’s up next to graduate face during his second term as president
FDR lost political support when he suggested court packing. Economic downturn in his second term lost Democrats seats in Congress
what impact of the new deal have on women
The new deal as a whole has a mixed impact. The new deal didn’t have a huge effect on the status of women. They were messy targeted towards men. The first female cabinet member was established
how did the new deal affect african-Americans
it didn’t greatly reduce racial injustice is in the US
in what ways did the new deal alter the US policies toward Native Americans
The Indian reorganization act of 1934 restored control over their lands tonight of Americans and Bureau of Indian affairs stop trying to make Native Americans assimilate
how did new deal policies affect ethnic and social divisions
they decreased because of the new deal
in what ways did the role of the federal government grow during Franklin Roosevelt presidency
for the first time in history federal government took responsibility for restoring control of the economy and took the welfare of elderly, children, disabled and unemployed
what were some of the most important popular cultural trends of the 1930s
movies that featured escapist things and social commentary, radio programs, swing/blues/folk music
in what ways did the new deals for American artist
WPA hard artists, writers, actors, and musicians to work in the federal art project, government also hard photographers to document lives of depression era people
just got the most notable works of literature in the 1930s
stories by Richard Wright comic strips and superheroes John Steinback the grapes of wrath and Lillian Hellman’s plac Steinbeck the grapes of wrath and Lillian Hellman’s plays

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