History 11B Final Review Chptr 5&6

Nixon’s first job, after leaving law school, was to become an attorney with
a Whittier California law firm
Having your town or city be birthplace of a United States president is an important cultural and economic benefit for the local community. Where was Richard Milhous Nixon born?
Yorba Linda California
When World War Two broke out, Nixon volunteered an joined what branch of the military
Where did Nixon complete his undergraduate college work before going on to law school?
Whittier College
Richard Nixon became known as a tough, but positive, campaigner in all of bids for public office during the Cold War years T/F
Who chose Richard Nixon as his running mate for the presidency in 1952?
Dwight Eisenhower
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Richard Nixon’s first bid for the United States presidency was in
In Richard Nixon’s first run for the presidency, what was used, for the first time ever, in a presidential campaign?
nationally televised debates between the candidates
Richard Nixon strongly supported the United States policy of containment and agreed with the domino theory as well. T/F
Richard Nixon worked in the “family business” as a boy and teenager. What was this family business?
grocery & mercantile
The religion that Nixon was raised in was pacifist and conservative. What was this religion?
Nixon became a loud voice for America’s efforts to use military force to fight the advance of communism where?
All of these
Nixon, in his first effort to run for public office, became quickly known as
All of these
Richard Nixon became known as a tough, but positive, campaigner in all of bids for public office during the Cold War years. T/F
When running for the vice-presidency, Richard Nixon went on national television and gave what is now called the “Cheekers Speech”. This speech had to do with
All of these
Nixon voted on all of the following major events as a Congressman or Senator except?
the U.S. declaration of war against Japan, Germany and Italy
Who was the editor of Time magazine and a former communist that Nixon questioned when he was a Congressman about communist spies in the United States, particularly Alger Hiss?
Whittaker Chambers
After Nixon’s devastating loss for the presidency and the governorship of his home state, he decided to run again for president in 1968. After wining his parties nomination, who was Nixon’s democratic opponent?
Hubert Humphrey
Who was President Nixon’s National Security Advisor and latter Secretary of State, that so professionally carried out Nixon’s foreign policy?
Henry Kissinger
President Nixon promised what he called a “peace with honor” in his efforts to win the war in Vietnam. T/F
President Nixon demonstrated to the world his support of a women’s right to an abortion by strongly agreeing and affirming the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade. T/F
The United States, under Nixon’s leadership, helped ease the tensions in the Middle East by creating the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Counties (OPEC). T/F
After Nixon’s trip to China in 1972, he traveled to the USSR to discuss a mutual reduction of nuclear weapons with the Soviet Premier
President Nixon’s goal was to make the Supreme Court more conservative. T/F
John F Kennedy’s landslide victory against Nixon in the presidential election of 1960 was one of the most lopsided victories in presidential history. T/F
Richard Nixon’s best selling book about his experiences in life and politics was entitled
Six Crisis
After losing the presidential election, Nixon returned home and ran for governor of what state?
Richard Nixon, after his election to the presidency, decided to adopt a strategy and policy with the Communist Soviet Union and China, that became known as detente, which means
the relaxing of tensions between nations
In the Yom Kippur War in October of 1973, President Nixon supported
The Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) were conducted with
the Soviet Union
Prior to becoming Richard Nixon’s vice president in 1974, Ford served from 1949 until 1973 as a
None of these
Gerald Ford was and excellent student and athlete at the University of Michigan where he earned his undergraduate degree. What professional sport was Ford offered a contact to play for after graduation?
Gerald Ford served in the military during WWII as an Air Force pilot. T/F
Gerald Ford went by the name of his stepfather, Gerald Randolf Ford and had it legally changed to that when he was twenty two. But what was Ford’s name at birth?
Leslie Lynch King
The Apollo-Soyuz joint manned space flight was the first ever multi-national space exploration that involved the United States partnering with
the Soviet Union
Executive Order 11905, initiated and signed by President Ford, prohibited the United States from doing what?
conducting political assassinations
The appropriately named “Killing Fields” were perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge in
In the 1970’s, President Carter had to deal with an economic depression that was worse than the Great Depression of the 1930’s. T/F
James Earl Carter was born in Georgia and come from a poor, working class family that had used government welfare to survive. T/F
Like his predecessors, Nixon and Ford, Jimmy Carter had served in what branch of the armed forces?
In reaction to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, President Carter ordered
a boycott of the 1980 summer Olympics in Moscow
Ayatollah Khomeini was the religious leader of the Iranian revolution that deposed the Shah. T/F
In 1979, Carter refused to participate in the SALT II negotiations because
the USSR had invaded Afghanistan
During the Carter years in the White House, what event left Americans doubting the safety of nuclear power?
the Three Mile Island incident
At the very end of Jimmy Carter’s presidency his approval rating was a dismal 25% which was even lower than Nixon’s when he resigned because of Watergate. T/F
The U.S. government “superfund” that Carter signed into law referred to
money to help the environment
All of the following are arguments in support of deregulation except
it establishes government sanctioned monopolies
Jimmy Carter was a little known national figure when he announced his intention to run for the presidency. T/F
Jimmy Carter was a devout Christian and a member of what church?
In an effort to build positive relations with Latin America, that had been damaged by Americas interventions and policies of the past, President Carter signed a treaty that gave control of the Panama Canal back to Panama. T/F
How long were the Americans held captive during the Iran Hostage Crisis?
444 days
Both Ford and Carter served only one term as president. T/F
Richard Nixon, as an elected representative of the people of California, strongly supported the efforts of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, which was investigating the internal enemies of the United States. T/F
he United States, under Nixon’s leadership, helped ease the tensions in the Middle East by creating the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Counties (OPEC) T/F
Ford replaced who as Nixon’s vice president>
Spiro Agnew
OPEC used oil embargos as a political weapon against the United States. T/F
The SS Mayaguez incident involved a United States merchant marine vessel engaging in self defense against
Khmer Rouge forces
Gerald Ford survived two assassination attempts and both were perpetrated by women T/F
President Ford refused to offer amnesty to Americans who had avoided the draft during the Vietnam War. T/F
President Jimmy Carter initially tried to stimulate the economy by asking Congress raise taxes on the wealthy for the dual purpose of helping the poor and bringing in more revenue to the government. T/F
At Jimmy Carters inauguration he did something that no other newly elected president had done. What was it?
He walked the inauguration parade route
He walked the inauguration parade route
Egypt and Israel
President Carter refused to sign the treaty giving the Panama Canal back to Panama and this pleased most Americans. T/F
President Carter’s attempt to rescue the American hostages in Iran was successful. T/F
At the very end of Jimmy Carter’s presidency his approval rating was a dismal 25% which was even lower than Nixon’s when he resigned because of Watergate T/F
What were the results of the Watergate Scandal? Make sure to discuss Watergate legacy for Americans today. Answer this question in two paragraphs. The first paragraph being the immediate results of Watergate and the second paragraph being the long lasting results or legacy of the scandal
The immediate results of the Watergate Scandal were the threatened impeachment and resignation of Richard Nixon. Nixon became the first U.S President to be threatened to be impeachedand the first president to resign. The Watergate scandal put weight on the government as well. The American society began to question the executive power that President Nixon took advantage of during his attempted Watergate Cover-up. Pressure was also put on the House of Representatives to impeach Nixon because of the crimes that he was presumed to have committed.
The long lasting results affected every president who took office after Nixon. Every president who takes office must deal with possible accusations of concealing something and abusing executive power. The long lasting results also include the distrust of the U.S government and has held the U.S government accountable for various problems that occur. The results also force the American society to question the U.S government, especially the president. It causes the American society to question what is acceptable for the president to conceal from the public and what is not acceptable. It also puts into question the possibly unjustifiable power of the executive power.