HIS. Review of the Autobiography of Benjamin (Ben) Franklin: Rocking Chair, Philadelphia, Brothers

Benjamin Franklin
a printer, writer, inventor, scientist, and great American
Boston, Massachusetts
the city in which Benjamin Franklin was born in Jan 17, 1706
candle maker
What was Benjamin Franklin’s father?
Poor Richards Almanack
What little booklet did Ben write that contained many wise sayings?
jumped like lightening and same color as lightning
Why did the electric spark remind Ben of lightning?
lightning is electricily
What did Ben’s experiment with lightning prove?
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to talk to the British and straighten out the trouble
Why did Benjamin Franklin go the England before the War of Independence?
to ask France for their help in the war with money to buy guns, food and clothing
Why did Benjamin Franklin go the France before the War of Independence?
a calendar of the year, tips to help the farmer about when to plant his crop.
What did Poor Richards Almanack have in it?
What would Franklin come to be called?
Citizen of the 18th Century
Everyone thought highly of Benjamin Franklin – True or False
Under what name did Franklin write for “The Spector”?
Silence Dogood
What virtue was not included in Franklin’s first list of virtues but later added because a friend told him he should?
What publication did Franklin create?
The Pennsylvania Gazette
What was considered to be Franklin’s first literary success?
Poor Richard’s Almanac
Name two things found in the almanac.
Weather forcasts, recipes, lunar charts, calendars. aphorisms
What club did Franklin create?
Junto Club (debate) (Also called the Leather Apron Club)
List the institutions Franklin and this club helped create.
Police force, hospital, fire department, University of Pennsylvania, Library
Franklin used a ________ and _________ in his famous experiment with electricity.
Kite and Key
What gave Franklin an international reputation even before he became a diplomat to England?
His scientific experiments
How long was Franklin’s second trip to London?
7 years
In the summer of 1776, what commitee was Franklin involved in?
A 5 man committee to write the Declaration of Independence.
Why was Franklin and his son William’s relationship strained?
His son was a royal govenor in New Jersey and loyal to the king.
Why did Franklin go to France?
To ask for their help to fight Britan in the Revolutionary war.
Eat not to dullness;drink not to elevation
Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation.
Let all your things have their places;let each part of your business have its time. HARDEST FOR HIM
Resolve to perform what you ought;perform without fail what you resolve
Make no expense but to do good to others or yourself;i.e.waste nothing
Lose no time;be always employed in something useful;cut off all unnecessary actions.
Use no hurtful deceit;think innocently and justly,and, if you speak, speak accordingly.
Wrong none by doing injuries, or omitting the benefits that are your duty.
Avoid extremes; forebear resenting injuries so much as you think they deserve.
Tolerate no uncleanliness in body, clothes, or habitation.
Be not disturbed at trifles, or at accidents common or unavoidable.
Rarely use venery but for health or offspring, never to dullness,weakness,or the injury of your own or another’s peace or reputation.
Imitate Jesus and Socrates.
he believes he can achieve moral perfection; self confident
What is Franklin’s attitude toward moral perfection and what does this goal suggest about the values of the time period?
tries to be morally perfect; wants to do it step by step; virtues
What prompts Franklin to make his list?
he is dedicated to his plan and wants to do everything he can to ensure it’s success
What does Franklin’s methodical approach, described in this passage, suggest about his dedication to his plan for self-improvement?
what he does at certain times of the day; daily plan or routine
What does the list here show on the right side? (his daily schedule)
Questions such as “What good shall I do today?”
Helps him try to reach a goal/do good
What does it have on the left side? (his daily schedule)
trying to be orderly; the perfection of one led to the perfection of the rest; he wanted to accomplish something each day with asking himself questions
What insight into Franklin’s character does this list provide?
What virtue did Franklin hope to achieve by planning each day’s activities?
Which virtue is most difficult for BF to master?
the anecdote reveals that Franklin understands that some of his goals are unrealistic
Pay particular attention to the story of the man with the axe; it starts at the bottom of page 146 and continues on the top of page 147. What does this anecdote about the man with the axe reveal about Franklin’s sense of humor?
His life
What did Franklin write about in his autobiography?
That he gave up on striving for moral perfection but always kept his book with him to remind him that he should strive for moral perfection but could never really achieve it.

What do we learn about Franklin?

He did not publish the book with the virtues called “The Art of Virtues”

That people do not like perfect people
What did Franklin learn about people?
He wrote it so all his descendants will try to make their goal; He hopes to encourage them
Why did he write the autobiography?

That like the ax people were ok and preferred imperfections and that he should not strive to be perfect in order to have more friends

The Ax grinding – so hard to turn the wheel eventually customer satisfied with only part of the ax being sharpened

What excuse did Franklin use for not becoming perfect?

What analogy does Franklin use to describe how difficult it is to become perfect?

Yes – he felt he had become a better person even though he fell short of perfection
Did Franklin feel he was a better person for trying to be perfect?
He wanted to look good in the eyes of his descendants – He wanted to have a positive effect in his life
What was one of the other reasons that Franklin tried to be perfect?
January 17, 1706
place of birth
Boston, Massachusetts
April 17, 1790
one of __ children
T/F: Franklin was an avid reader and taught himself to become a skilled writer
What was the name of Franklin’s colonial newspaper?
Pennsylvania Gazette
key figure in establishing the _________ system
______: retired at age ____
1748; 42
focused on _______ and ___________ after his retirement
experiments; inventions
proposed uniting the colonies under a __________ _________
national congress
helped lay the groundwork for the future ___________ __ ____________
Articles of Confederation
delegate to the ________ __________ Congress
Second Continental
T/F: Franklin helped draft the Declaration of Independence
went to ________ to enlist their aid in the Revolutionary War
in 1785 he was the ___________ delegate to the Constitutional Convention; represented the state of ______________
oldest; Pennsylvania
How many people attended Franklin’s funeral?
What was the thirteenth trait he added to his list?
What important asset did he gain in his travels?
connections with numerous people
What chiefly inspired Franklin to write his Autobiography?
the desire to provide a record of the circumstances of his life for his posterity.
According to his Autobiography, Franklin accepted each of the following principles of religion except that…
Jesus Christ lived, died, and was resurrected.
In his Autobiography, Franklin emphasizes each of the following virtues in his plan for moral perfection except which one?
DOES NOT HAVE obedience.
In his Autobiography, what element does Franklin purposely omit from his plan for moral perfection?
any of the distinguishing principles of a particular religion.
According to Franklin’s Autobiography, what part did reading a volume of the Spectator play in his development?
any of the distinguishing principles of a particular religion.
According to Franklin’s Autobiography, which virtue did Franklin add because a Quaker friend pointed out that Franklin was thought to lack this virtue?
(T/F) As did his Puritan forefathers, Franklin stressed right living as the means to happiness, but, unlike them, he encouraged broad religious toleration,
(T/F) Franklin’s limited appreciation of religion probably results at least in part from his lack of religious training early in life.
(T/F) According to his Autobiography, Franklin prayed to God for help to practice his plan for moral perfection.
(T/F) By the end of his life, Franklin was primarily a tragic figure, and his death in 1790 was mourned by only a few close friends.
This is what Ben Franklin discovered about lightning.
It was electricity.
Ben Franklin helped plan the first one of these.
A fire department
This is the city Ben Franklin moved to when he was sixteen years old.
This toy taught Ben an important lesson when he was a boy.
A whistle
the year Benjamin Franklin was born
the year Benjamin Franklin died
Boston, Massachusetts
the city in which Benjamin Franklin was born
a whistle
what Franklin paid too much for as a child
the number of children in Franklin’s family
ten years old
Benjamin’s age when he left school
two years
how long Benjamin’s father was able to pay for him to go to school
sixteen years old
Benjamin’s age when he left home
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
where Benjamin went when he left home at age 16
Deborah Read
the girl who laughed at Ben Franklin and later became his wife
Poor Richard’s Almanack
the almanac written by Benjamin Franklin
Richard Saunders
the person who Ben Franklin said wrote his almanac
three loaves of bread
what Benjamin bought when he first arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
a kite and a key
the tools Franklin used to discover electricity
it jumps like electricity and it is the same color as electricity
the two reasons that lightning reminded Franklin of electricity
helped start a fire department
one of the ways Franklin helped the people of Philadelphia
found ways to make letters come more quickly
one of the ways Franklin helped the people of Philadelphia
began a police force to protect the people
one of the ways Franklin helped the people of Philadelphia
suggested ways to keep the city’s streets clean
one of the ways Franklin helped the people of Philadelphia
What was Benjamin Franklin?
Printer, writer, inventor, scientist, and Great American
What great lesson did Ben Franklin learn?
He payed too much for a whistle
What was Ben’s father?
A candlemaker.
How many boys and girls were in Ben’s family? Was he the youngest son?
10 boys and 7 sisters
Yes Ben was the youngest son Number 10. He has two younger sisters
What did Ben’s father think he would grow up to be?
When Ben was 12, he worked with which brother and what did his brother do?
James, Printer
At what age did Ben leave home? Where did he go?
16, Philadelphia
What did Ben enjoy doing?
Printing, reading, and writing.
Who did Ben Franklin marry? Had he seen her before? What did she do when she saw him
Deborah Read. yes, she laughed at him when she saw him walking down the street years before.
What did Ben work hard at doing? What was he always trying to do?
Saving money. Always trying to think of new ways to help the people of Philadelphia
What did he help plan the first of? What was he the first to be?
Fire department, first fireman in America
What was Ben’s experiment with a silk kite and Key?
He proved that lightning is electricity.
Why was there trouble brewing between England and the American colonies?
England wanted to pass unfair laws to colonist.
Why did the people ask Ben to sail to England?
To straighten out the trouble.
When Ben sailed to France, why did he go?
To ask them to help our soldiers because they had little food, clothing, and guns.
A type of glasses
puts lightning into the ground
lightning rod
cast-iron furnace
Franklin Stove
wear on your feet and hands in the water
swim fins
Instrument made of glass
Glass Armonica
Measures distance
helps you get stuff that is really high up
long arm
where you can borrow books
lending library
helps put a house fire out
Fire Company
How many brothers and sisters did Ben Franklin have?
In what US city did Ben Franklin live?
Which currency is Ben Franklin’s face on?
100 dollar bill
What bird did Ben Franklin think should be the national bird of the US?
How many languages did Ben Franklin know?
6 (English, Latin, German, Spanish, Italian, and French)
What city did Ben Franklin die in?
Philadelphia Pennsylvania
What was his most famous publication?
Poor Richard’s Almanack
Where was Ben Franklin during the Revolutionary War?
How old was Ben Franklin when he died?
What did Ben Franlkin’s kite experiment prove?
That lightning was electricity
What famous “declaration” did Ben Franklin sign?
The Declaration of Independence
What document did Ben Franklin sign that starts with “We the People”
The US Constitution
Did Ben Franklin have children?
Yes, Three
How many years of school did Ben Franklin have
less than 2
The Pennsylvania Gazette
It was first published by Samuel Keimer. In October 1729 Benjamin Franklin took it over and it soon became the most successful publishing of its kind.
American Philosophical Society
Founded in 1743, and located in Philadelphia, Pa., is an eminent scholarly organization of international reputation, that promotes useful knowledge in the sciences and humanities through excellence in scholarly research, professional meetings, publications, library resources, and community outreach. Considered the country’s first learned society, it has played an important role in American cultural and intellectual life for over 270 years.
Franklin Stove
Invented in 1742, it was designed to efficiently heat homes.
Library Company
Established in 1731, it was designed to bring books to the masses.
Pennsylvania Hospital
Founded in 1751 by Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Thomas Bond to care for the “sick-poor and insane of Philadelphia.”
Hutchinson Affair
An English-appointed governor of Massachusetts pretended to side with the people of Massachusetts. Benjamin Franklin found a series of letters written by this governor in which the governor called for “an abridgment of what are called English Liberties” in America. Franklin leaked the letters to the American public which caused an outrage. Franklin was called to Whitehall, the English Foreign Ministry, where he was condemned in public.
The Treaty of Alliance with France 1778
According to this first military treaty of the new nation, the United States would provide for a defensive union to aid France should England attack, and neither France nor the United States would make peace with England until the independence of the United States was recognized. This treaty was made possible because of Benjamin Franklin.
The Treaty of Paris 1783
The preliminary articles of peace were signed by Adams, Franklin, Jay, and Henry Laurens for the United States and Richard Oswald for Great Britain. This treaty spelled out Great Britain’s recognition of the independence of America.
Franklin’s foot-treadle-operated instrument held 37 glass bowls. The musician touched the rims of the bowls with fingered moistened from the water trough. The bowl-rims were color-coded, according to the note. For example, C’s are red, D’s orange, E’s yellow, etc.
Albany Plan of Union
An idea drafted by Benjamin Franklin that called to place the British North American colonies under a more centralized government. This idea was adopted on July 10, 1754 but it was never ratified.
Benjamin Franklin
Author and protagonist of the autobiography, he writes it to his son, William, about his life and self betterment for anyone interested. He moved to Philadelphia in his late teens and opened his own newspaper, Pennsylvania Gazette. The autobiography says nothing about the American Revolution which Franklin was a big part of.
William Franklin
Benjamin Franklin’s son and royal governor of New Jersey in 1771 when Ben begins writing the work. Ben begins the autobiography as a letter to William with the intent of telling him about his life.
Ben’s parents
Josiah and Abiah, his father loved to teach him debate. He had a step mom. Josiah taught him how to debate and how to write. Ben had enormous respect for his father. He burried them in a very nice cemetery.
James Franklin
Ben’s older brother who owns a printing press in Boston. Ben is apprenticed to him when he was 12. They did not always get along very well. Ben learns a lot from James. James gets arrested for writing some bad stuff about the government in his newspapers. When Ben breaks his contract and heads for Philadelphia his brother get very angry at him.
John Collins
A “bookish lad” whom Ben befriends in Boston. They two practice their debating skills in Boston. John resolves to go to philadelphia with Ben several years later. He ends up becoming an alcoholic and moving to the carribean. Ben gives him a bunch of money which John never re pays.
Andrew Bradford
A printer in Philadelphia, he is unable to hire Franklin but he lets him stay in his house. Later on, when Franklin runs his own papers, the two are competitors until Bradford leaves the business.
Samuel Keimer
The printer in Philadelphia for whom Franklin works. Their relationship deteriorates over time, and eventually they have a falling out. Keimer, however, tries to make amends when he realizes that Ben can supply him with important printing tools.
John Read
A resident of Philadelphia, he houses Franklin shortly after Franklin arrives in Philadelphia.
Deborah Read
The daughter of John Read, she eventually marries Franklin even though their courtship is interrupted by his 18-month trip to England, during which time she marries another man who disappears–thus allowing her marriage to Franklin.
Gov. William Keith
The royal Governor of Pennsylvania when Franklin arrives in Philadelphia. Keith is impressed by Franklin and resolves to help him, but in effect does very little. He is a man who does not often follow through on what he says he will do.
James Ralph
A local Philadelphia poet whom Franklin befriends and with whom Franklin travels to England. Franklin tells a story of a time when Ralph, who was often disliked and thus overly criticized by his friends in the realm of poetry, asked Franklin to read one of Ralph’s poems as Franklin’s own, which Franklin did to very high praise. Ralph traveled with Franklin to England, where he leeched off Franklin most of the time and borrowed large sums of money that he never repaid. Franklin and Ralph ended up going separate ways when Franklin hits on Ralph’s girlfriend and is rejected.
Mr. Denham
A friendly Quaker whom Franklin meets on his way to England. They remain friends while in England, and it is Denham who eventually convinces Franklin to return to America after an 18-month stay. Franklin works for Denham for a short time in a goods store upon his return.
The man with whom Franklin begins a new printing house after leaving Keimer. Meredith, however, does not work very hard, and eventually leaves.
He was a famous _____, _____, ______, ______, _____, _____, ______.
Scientist, inventor, philosopher, statesmen, economist, printer, musician
He was most famous for his work with ______.
He spent much time _____ the _____ and _______, ______ of the ocean
Charting, depth, course, temperature – gulf stream for almanac
He supported ___ light _____ time.
Daylight, savings
He refused to _____ any of his inventions, so that everybody could afford them
He served as a ______ to England and France to _______ the American ________.
Delegate, represent, colonies
He created the first _______ department
Ben Franklin had a son __________ out of wedlock.
Ben Franklin married ___________ in ____.
Deborah, 1730
They had a son named __________ who was born in 1732, but he died at the age of __ due to __________.
Francis, 4 , small pox, he mentions him in his book.
Ben was well-known in the _____________.
scientific community
Franklin was the first ambassador to _______.
Franklin returned to America in _______.
Franklin was elected to ________ Pennsylvania in the ______________ ___________.
represent, Constitutional Convention
Franklin served as __________ for the Pennsylvania Society for promotion the abolition of _________.
president, slavery
It is almost as if Benjamin Franklin is _______________ _____________ to his readers.
directly talking
Franklin died in ____ at the age of _____ because of gout
1790, 84
What did Benjamin Franklin do to deserve such cruel suffering?
He drank and ate to freely
Who accused him of that?
The Gout
What does the Gout want Franklin to do?
What does Franklin do in the morning?
He reads books, pamphlets, and newspapers
What does he eat for breakfast?
4 dishes of tea and some toast with beef
What is Franklin’s practice after dinner?
He takes a walk in the gardens of people he had just dined with
What does the Gout want Franklin to do with his carriage?
Burn it
What is a Gout?
A physician
What was Franklin’s brother’s newspaper called?
New England Courant
What was Franklin employed to do?
He had to hand the newspapers out on the streets
What did Franklin do relating with the newspaper?
He wrote articles anonymously
What happened to Franklin’s brother?
He went to jail because of a bad political point in his newspaper
What was the consequence of the punishment? What was the solution that was made?
The newspaper could not be printed under James Franklin.
Solution: put it under Benjamin Franklin’s name
What happened when Franklin’s brother found out Franklin was leaving?
He went to the printers around town and told them not to hire Benjamin
How old was Benjamin when he left home?
He was 17
Name the virtues:
1. Temperance
2. Silence
4. Resolution
5. Frugality
6. Industry
7. Sincerity
8. Justice
9. Moderation
10. Cleanliness
11. Tranquility
12. Chastity
13. Humility
What was the hardest virtue to acquire?
“He was usually a great glutton, and I promised myself some diversion in have starving him.”
“He us’d indeed, sometimes to pray for my conversion, but never had the satisfaction of believing that the prayers were heard.”
George Whitfield
“His drinking continu’d, about which we sometimes quarrl’d; for, when a little intoxicated, he was very fractious. Once, in a boat on the Delaware with some other young men, he refused to row in his turn.”
John Collins
“But what shall we think of a governor’s playing such pitiful tricks, and imposing so grossly on a poor ignorant boy! It was habit he had acquired. He wish’d to please everybody; and, having little to give, he gave expectations.”
Sir William Keith
“Without entering into the discussion, he took occasion to talk to me about the manner of my writing; observed that, though I had the advantage of my antagonist in correct spelling and pointing, I fell far short in elegance expression, in method and in perspicuity, or which he convinced me by several instances.
Josiah Franklin
Which of Franklin’s favorite books from childhood appears in the pocket of a drunk Dutchman’s pocket?
Pilgrim’s Progress
What was the name of Franklin’s secret organization for which the membership was limited to 12?
Franklin considered becoming an instructor in his favorite sport. Identify the sport.
How many virtues did Franklin choose to pursue in his scheme of becoming morally perfect?
Under which pseudonym did Franklin publish his Almanac for twenty-five years?
Richard Saunders
What was the title of the pamphlet that Franklin wrote to encourage a volunteer militia to defend the colonies during the French and Indian War?
Plain Truth
Franklins Political Life
-Elected to the Second Continental Congress
-One of five men to draft the Declaration of Independence.
-One of the 13 men who drafted the Articles of Confederation
-Only Person to be included in all three of the major documents that freed the Colonists from the British.
Franklins Later Life and Legacy
Last Words:
“A dying man can do nothing easy”
April 17, 1790 in Philadelphia
-Face is on the $100 bill
-Called the “First American”
Give the setting at the beginning of the writing
New York
Where did Franklin decide to go?
William Bradford. He didn’t need him, but he suggested somewhere else
to whom did Franklin go first for a job and what did this person tell him?
He sold some of his books. 17
how did Franklin get money for the trip? How old was he?
1)they wrecked on long island 2)a drunken dutch man fell overboard
list 2 events that occurred on Franklin’s trip when crossing the bay
Pilgrims Progress – by Bunyan. Written in Dutch, Finely — printed on good paper with copper cuts
what book does Franklin’s say mixes narration and dialogue? Describe this book
The wind was blowing hard so they couldn’t dock. they decided to sleep and they slept wet and with no food and only rum to drink
Briefly describe Franklin’s night when he drew near the island
Dr. Brown’s and a women who gave him ginger bread
where did Franklin stay while traveling t Burlington, New Jersey?
Bakery. His wife’s father
where did Franklin first go when he arrived in Philadelphia and whom did he see.
Quaker house
where did Franklin take rest
How many voters did Franklin want to cultivate?
Temperance. Eat not dullness drink not elevation
what was listed as his first virtue and why was it listed first
he would help people and have his life in order
What skill would Franklin Improve if he acquired silence and order?
-rose from poverty to eminence even though he had to leave school early to work.
-at 24 years old he was a prosperous merchant, owner of a successful print shop and publisher of the “Pennsylvania Gazette”
-Helped found the Academy of Philadelphia
-Helped found the 1st public library in America
-prompted municipal projects in Philadelphia: Paved streets, sewer lines, street lighting, and a fire brigade
-Elected to England’s royal society
-Invented open heating stove, bifocal lenses, a type of harmonica and a rocking chair that could swat flies
8 accomplishments of Franklin
diplomat and negotiator
what skills did Franklin use fro the service of his state and country?
his wit and charm
what made Franklin popular in London?
he relinquished his hopes for peace in Britain/England
why did Franklin sail for America in 1775
what the American army needed to buy guns, food, and clothing so they could win the war
what Franklin suggested the men do when they began to argue at the meeting where the Constitution was written
writing and signing the Constitution
the thing Franklin did in his life that gave him the best feeling of all
What heroic act does Franklin relate about his sea journey to New York?
He pulls a drunk Dutchman passenger out of the sea.
About which character of characters does Franklin give extensive detail?
Dr. Brown
On which forms of transportation does Franklin rely to reach Philadelphia?
ship and walking
What do Franklin’s descriptions of himself as a young man reveal about his character? In other words, how would you describe Franklin’s tone toward himself as he describes his youthful experiences?
Sense of Humor
Franklin believes moral perfection can be attained by what means?
study and practice
what is Franklin’s reasoning for the order in which he ranks the virtues?
master one then go on to the next
According to The Autobiography, what is Franklin’s *first step in his plan* to reach perfection?
He *makes a list* of what he wants to achieve
In The Autobiography, what does Franklin say *keeps him from* becoming a better person?
His own *bad habits*
In The Autobiography, why does Franklin *assign a week* to each of the virtues he is trying to achieve?
He hopes the strength he gains each week will *spill over into the next*
In The Autobiography, Franklin believes that *he can become a better person*. What does this belief tell you about how he sees himself?
He has *high hopes for himself*
What *effect does Franklin hope to achieve* by concentrating on improving one virtue at a time?
Why did Franklin *begin* his moral perfection *with the virtue Temperance*?
He reasoned that he must *be clearheaded* before proceeding to the next virtue
What *effect did tracking his progress* on a chart have regarding his observations of progress?
He could see that when he *focused on one virtue*, he did *not do as well with the others*
What view of human nature is suggested by Franklin’s aphorism *”Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead”*?
Human begins like to gossip
What is an *aphorism*?
a brief statement that expresses some *truth about life*
What was the name of the newspaper Benjamin Franklin worked for as a child.
The New-England Cuorant
How many brothers and sister did Benjamin Franklin have?
When did Benjamin Franklin Die?
April 17, 1790
What is Franklin’s condition when he arrives in Philadelphia?
He was exhausted and had no money .
What were his 13 virtues based on?
Moral Perfection .
What does Socrates mean?
Ancient Greek philosopher and teacher.
Why does Franklin decide not to sign the papers he submits for publication?
Because if his brother finds out it is him, then he won’t publish his papers.
Why did Franklin write his Autobiography?
For his son.
What three things are Benjamin mainly remembered by?
Being a statesman and a diplomat as well as an inventor.
What is Franklin’s “Autobiography” filled with?
His opinions/suggestions about moral perfection and self discipline, achievements and about himself.
What two important writings did he help to draft?
Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.
Ben bought this with all the money he had
Candle Maker and soap maker
What job or trade did Ben’s father have
the autobiography: part one
enjoyed his life & would gladly repeat it, but he would fix some small errors if he had the chance
printers use this term when they’ve made a mistake in the printing of a book
the autobiography: part one – Miss Read
Franklin’s wife after he goes to England for a long time & her first husband abandons her
the autobiography: part one – New England Courant
newspaper that Franklin worked at as a young man; where he started to develop his writing skills
Franklin’s reading habits
read on Sundays when no one was at the print shop & late at night; spent all his money buying books
Three great puffy rolls
bread he bought when he first arrived in Philadelphia; worth how much he gave them; always aware of the impression he gave in public he gave them to a woman and a child
Vernon’s money
held this in keeping until he came to town again, but Franklin loaned the money out, therefore he could not repay Vernon & was haunted by that debt
Franklin’s eating & drinking habits
tended to drink water & eat as little as possible; experimented with being a vegetarian; saved his money for things he really wanted rather than beer and extravagant food
Franklin’s best friend since childhood; also a run who was obnoxious while drinking
the autobiography: part one
– intended for ministry
– his father was gracious in accepting what Franklin wanted to do
examples of erratum
– running away from his brother’s internship
– not writing to Miss Read more often
– Vernon’s money
the autobiography: part one
corrected the erratum of Vernon’s money by writing him a letter of acknowledgments
the autobiography: part one
was a leader among childhood friends
– stole materials from a construction site to make the wharf
– wasn’t good at keeping his friends out of trouble
the autobiography: part one
honors his mother (Abiah) & father (Josiah) even though they were poor
the autobiography: part one
knows the bible from studying & going to church
the autobiography: part one
while reading The Spectator, he really wants things perfect & is willing to work hard to make that happen
the autobiography: part two – Franklin & the library
credited with developing the nation’s first public library, but didn’t want too much credit for it; was always on alert for civic improvement
the autobiography: part two – 13 virtues
spent one week on each one & had a notebook to stay organized; focused more on external rather than internal; strived for a perfection that was almost impossible to reach
virtues he had a difficult time with
humility – one of his friends said he was too vain, so Franklin decided to work on it but he became proud of himself for his humility
the autobiography: part two
decided it was okay to not perfect all virtues: “a speckled axe is best…A benevolent man should allow a few faults in himself, to keep his friends in countenance.”
To go to talk to the British to try and work out the problems England and the colonies were having
Why did Benjamin Franklin go to England before the War for Independence?
The Americans needed money and to fight the war
Why did Ben go to France during the war?
Print House where Ben worked in England
A discussion group that Ben formed to discuss questions of philosophy and mortality
According to The Autobiography, what is Franklin’s first step in his plan to reach perfection?
He makes a list of what he wants to achieve
In The Autobiography, what does Franklin say keeps him from becoming a better person?
His own bad habits
In The Autobiography, why does Franklin assign a week to each of the virtues he is trying to achieve?
He hopes the strength he gains each week will spill over into the next
In The Autobiography, Franklin believes that he can become a better person. What does this belief tell you about how he sees himself?
He has high hopes for himself
What effect does Franklin hope to achieve by concentrating on improving one virtue at a time?
In which sentence is the meaning of the word arduous suggested?
The task was very difficult
Which word is closest in meaning to avarice?
Franklin observed his behavior with extreme vigilance,or
Which of the following answers is closest in meaning to squander?
Spend or use wastefully
How does Franklin begin his project to achieve moral perfection?
He compiles thirteen virtues
Which virtue is most difficult for Franklin to master?
When Franklin first devised his project to attain moral perfection, he thought it would be difficult but possible to become perfect. What quality does this suggest that Franklin possessed?
The list of virtues that Franklin draws up suggests that he was
Logical and orderly
In comparison to other books about Franklin, The Autobiography probably give you the best insight into
Franklin’s personality
What cause Franklin to begin his moral perfection with the virtue Temperance?
He reasoned that he must be clearheaded before proceeding to the next virtue
What effect did tracking his progress on a chart have regarding his observations of progress?
He could see that when he focused on one virtue, he did not do as well with the others
What view of human nature is suggested by Franklin’s aphorism”Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead”?
Human begins like to gossip
Part 1 of Autobiography
-he went from rags to riches.
-all people can become successful.
-he was born into a poor family
-His family is hard workers.
-His family is devoted to the Bible.
-He’s a vegetarian
-He’s not good at math
Franklin was intended to be a
tithe to the church
Part 2 of Autobiography
-He has established himself in Penn.
-There are no good bookstores around so he wants to open one up.
-Only 50 people could help him with money.
-Creation of library and library fines.
-He is glad that his wife is industrious and frugal.
-He was a Presbyterian.
-Outlines 13 virtues
-Says his plan doesn’t work
-added humility in the end when someone said he should
Part 3 of Autobiography
-talks about religious creed
-makes Society of Free and Easy
-believed newspaper was a good way of communicating
-mentions a pastor he likes – Whitefield
-he plagiarized one of his sermons
-rather have a good sermon thats plagiarized that a bad one that is not.
-loses a son at the age of 4
When was the Almanac published?
What has Dr. Brown done with the Bible?
made a parody called “doggerel verse”
Why does Franklin give so much detail about his first day in Philadelphia?
to show his humble beginnings and he had a struggle
Where does Franklin first sleep in Philadelphia?
Quaker meeting house
Whom does Franklin meet before he takes the boat to Philadelphia? What do you learn about him from these encounters?
an old woman that takes him in and gives him food
Dr. Brown (sense of humor)
he’s a normal person, generous, humble, very appreciative, good sense of humor
Why do you think the boatmen at first refuse to accept money from Franklin? Why do you think he offers to pay?
because he rowed his way there; pride compels him to pay his way (make himself not seem poor)
What does Franklin do during the Quakers’ meeting? What do you think the last sentence reveals about Franklin?
sleeps in Quaker house; reveals sense of humor and normal human being
What is the name of the jar that stores electricity?
A Leyden jar
What does Ben put on the end of the kite string when he tries to prove that lightning is the same thing as electricity?
A metal house key
How old was Ben when he proved that lightning and electricity are the same thing?
What does Ben invent in order to make lightning less dangerous?
The lightning rod
Because Ben had made lightning less of a danger, what did some people call him?
A wizard
In what city was Ben born?
How many children were there in Ben’s family?
What was the name of Ben’s father’s shop?
Blue Ball
What did they make in the Blue Ball shop?
Candles and soap
What did Ben’s parents want him to be when he grew up?
A minister
What were the two strikes against Ben that made it unlikely that he would become a minister?
He was born on a Sunday and he was left-handed
What were Ben’s favorite sports?
Swimming and kite-flying
How old was Ben when he went to work in his family’s shop?
What did Ben want to be when he grew up?
A sailor
When Ben was 12 he wrote a poem about a drowning. What was it called?
The Lighthouse Tragedy
What name did Ben use when writing funny articles about life in Boston?
Silence Dogood
When Ben ran away from his apprenticeship to his brother James, where did he go? (what city)
New York City
When Ben couldn’t find work in NYC, he went to what city?
What nickname did Ben’s wife call him?
What was the name of Ben’s Almanac?
Poor Richard’s Almanac
What ocean current did Ben study and name?
The Gulf Stream
What type of glasses is Ben famous for inventing?
What musical instrument did Ben invent?
The glass harmonica
To help raise funds to pay for the war, England passed what Act?
The Stamp Act
What framework of government did Ben help develop?
The U.S. Constitution
What was Benjamin’s brother’s news papers name?
New England Courant
How does he get to Philadelphia?
by sea and by foot occasionally staying at somebody house for the night
an ancient Greek philosopher and teacher
What is Benjamin’s main purpose throughout the writing
to achieve moral perfection
thirteen virtues
a list of ideas that Benjamin Franklin wanted to live by
how Franklin kept track of his faults
a black dot in a book
the speckled axe
a tale of being content with imperfections
what Benjamin Franklin discovered after his attempt at being morally perfect
That moral perfection is unachievable.
In 1730 franklin marries?
Deborah read
Early in life franklin worked for his father who made?
Soaps and candles
In philadelphia he works for a printer named?
Samuel keimer
After arriving in philidelphia franklin meets the royal governer of pynnselvania named?
William keith
Franklin travels to and spends 18 months in?
In 1724 franklin traveled to england with?
James ralph
What happens to franklons childhood friend john collins?
He gets drunk and goes to the carribean after a fight with franklin
Before leaving england franklin wants to start a school teaching people to?
Franklin formed a debating society called?
The junto
Early in his life franklin considered founding?
A political party called the party for virtue
The autobiography ends around the year?
1757 during franklins trip to england
Franklin is credited for the founding of what college?
University of pennsylvania
One of the major critics of the autobiography was ?
D.H. Lawrence
Part two of the autobiography was described as ?
A self help manual
All four parts were published in?
Franklin gives brief mention to the death of?
His son
Most of the autobiography was written in?
In this selection from his autobiography, what characteristic does Franklin seem most eager to portray?
persistent, intelligent, hard work, caring
What important concept from deism does Benjamin Franklin exemplify in his program for moral perfection?
perfectibility of every individual through the use of reason.
For what reason did Benjamin Franklin not patent any of his inventions?
he did not care about the money
What brought Benjamin Franklin’s attention to electricity?
Spencer’s trick
What was Benjamin Franklin’s most famous experiment?
The Kite Experiment
Why did Ben invent a Leyden jar?
To store electrical energy
Why was Ben Franklin awarded the Copley Medal?
For his scientific studies on electricity
Bifocals hold both reading and far distance lenses in one set of eyeglasses. Invented in 1784.
Franklin Stove
Ben invented the Franklin stove, a furnace that was safer and more efficient.
Why did Benjamin create the lightning rod?
the lightning rod was created to protect a building from lightning damage. Lightning is drawn to the rod and is them sent into the ground, where it can do no harm.
What was the secret name that Ben used when writing to his brother’s newspaper?
Silence Dogood
What did Ben do in Philadelphia?
Opened his own print shop; The Pennsylvania Gazette
The concept was to attach the device near the wheels of a carriage, determine the circumference of the wheel and the number of revolutions required to travel a mile, and have the device register the distance traveled.
Long Arm
A wooden pole with a grasping claw at the end to reach high books.
created numerous inventions , he did not patent a single one. Franklin believed that “As we benefit from the inventions of others, we should be glad to share our own…freely and gladly.”
was and Ambassador to England and minister to France.

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