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Hip Hop Culture

There is, of course, a warranty comfortable feeling in being on the right side of the amounts professed ideals.

We realize that we cannot be undone without America’s undoing.It is within the gamut of this attitude that the thinking Negro faces America, but the variations of mood in connection with it are f anything more significant than the attitude Itself.Sometimes we have it taken with the defiant Ironic challenge of _Mckay Mine is the future grinding down today Like a great landslip moving to the sea, Bearing its freight of debris far away

Where the green hungry waters restlessly Heave mammoth pyramids and break and roar Their eerie challenge to the crumbling shore.

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Sometimes, perhaps more frequently as yet, in the fervent and almost filial appeal and counsel of Weldon Johnny’s_: O Southland, dear Southland! Then why do you still cling To an Idle age and a musty page, Too dead and useless thing. Who is the author of this piece?

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