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High-Tech Education

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Using high technology methods in the process of education is a serious matter that a lot of people argue about it, some agree and the others disagree with it. Although it provides the education with a lot of futures that makes it better than the past. It also has some disadvantages that reflect on this process. But they think that old methods that were applied in the classrooms have more benefits than that high tech ones.

And some people also consider that these new technology may change the role of both student and teacher to be unlike as usual. One of its disadvantages according to the author's opinion is that it may also distract students and fragment their attention…. "Why am I against using technology in the classroom? Why do I ban laptops in my classroom?. This article by David Cole, a professor of Law at Georgetown University. Was published on 23 of October, 2008,In the Washington Post.

The main claims that the author thinking about it may be summarized in some specific points like that he considers that by using these high tech methods in education like internet, laptops and blue ray DVD Players might actually hinder the education not making it better because they make both students and teachers or doctors passive. The author hopes that if classrooms are restored to the Pre-Internet days of wooden tables and chalk.

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High-Tech Education

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This means taking technology out of the class room and back to "TEACHING NAKED". By flying to the purpose of his we can mention that he totally disagrees with this new education system and he agrees strongly with the "TEACHING NAKED". Without the aid of any machines just because Dr Jose Bowen thinks that if you have a good PowerPoint presentation it does not mean you have a good lecture.

Classroom time should be reserved for discussions with professors, aiming at teaching students to think critically, argue, and raise new questions. Then, by analyzing the author's opinion and his point of view, the pre-internet days of wooden tables and chalk are the most suitable and useful way of learning and educating people because this old technique allows educators to think, work, exert efforts and teaching themselves and never forget what they had, always remember it during applying it in their aily life. Unlike the high-tech learning which provides easy way for learning and just reading not sharing at all, so he just receives the information not work or search for it. And the author provided his theory with slight strong evidences and reasons, than can Be summarized in the following explanation as, a survey that found that 59 percent of students called at least half their lectures boring –particularly those involving power point.

Then , he thinks that "note taking on a laptop encourages verbatim transcription and the note taker tends to go into stenographic mode and no longer processes information in a way that is conducive to the give and take of classroom discussion because of taking notes the old fashioned way , by hand , is so much slower , the student actually has to listen , think and prioritize the most important themes . So as he thinks if one's idea of a lecture is a process by which the notes of the

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