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a Essay My two favorite subjects are math and science! One reason is because I have fun learning and experimenting with each subject. Another reason I would enjoy the program is because I know science and math are going to be a big part of my future. I would really appreciate being part of this program because I know I will be furthering my education and having fun doing it. Having fun learning math and science is something I always enjoyed. I find every aspect in math and science to be interesting. I find this interesting because I like being challenged in subjects I enjoy.

The imsa fusion program seems very educational and very enjoyable. I think the imsa fusion will help me gain more knowledge experimenting with math and science. I believe joining this program will help me further my education and help me achieve some of my future goals! Being that this is my first year at the magnet academy joining the imsa fusion will also help me make new friends along the way that share the same interest as me. I plan on learning new things and have new experiences from this club that will help me understand more about these subjects.

I have never had an opportunity like this to be in a club where I can learn more about these incredible subjects. I am also happy to join this after school program because I like to keep myself occupied. But most of all I know in the long run this program will help me jumpstart my path to success. So If I am chosen for this program I promise to work hard and try my best in each lesson given to my peers and I, because not only do I work well with others I will also help them if needed. Choosing me to be a part of this program will not only keep me motivated in reaching my goals, but I will be having fun learning something I really enjoy!