Helen Keller Test

awareness of one’s own thoughts
sorrow or regret
a feeling
possible to touch
not understanding
3 elements of a biography
told from first person
include literary devices
share writers personal thoughts
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What caused Helen to go blind and deaf
a high fever
How old was she when she went blind and deaf
two years old
Where did Anne come from to be her tutor
Perkins institution for the blind
How did Helen learn to communicate
sign language and braille
Where did Keller go to college
Radcliffe College
How did she help others with disabilities
she became a spokesperson
What award did she win in 1964
Presidential Medal of Freedom
What can you infer about Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan
Helen loved her and thrived to learn more from her
What way does the first person point of view help show Keller’s thought or feelings
It helps you know exactly how Keller felt when Sullivan arrived
How does Keller feel about her limits? What suggest that she will overcome them.
She was very angry because she could not see or hear the world. It says that she did not know what the future would bring
When did Anne Sullivan come to be with Helen Keller
March 3, 1887
What obstacles did Anne Sullivan overcome
Her mom died, her dad left her, she lived in an orphanage, and she was blind
What does dumb mean
unable to speak, mute
What was the first thing Sullivan taught Keller
the word doll
What was the first word Helen truly understood
What did she realize after her first word
everything had a name
How does Keller explain that Sullivan changed her life
Sullivan taught her everything
What did Keller feel the night after she learned the word water
She longed for a new day to come
What do you learn about the well house
It was near a garden and some sort of green house
Why does Helen Keller suddenly feel sorry for breaking the doll
She new what the word meant and that she could not fix it
How does Keller feel a sensation
She feels the warm sun on her skin
Use the word consciousness in a sentence
I felt a consciousness about the new routine
how would the story be different if Anne had written it
it would not be in first person