Helen Keller Facts

Early Life
• Born- June 27 1880
• Helen Keller was born with all of her senses
• Helen Keller’s father was Arthur H. Keller
• Helen Keller’s mother was Katherine Adams Keller
• Helen Keller had a baby sister and two older step-brothers
• Helen Keller started talking when she was 6 months
• Helen Keller started walking at 1 year
Childhood to Young Adulthood
• Helen Keller lost her hearing, vision and could not talk anymore when she was a year and a half old
• The sickness that caused Helen Keller to lose her sight and hearing and not being able to talk was called brain fever
• It made Helen Keller had a very high fever
• A woman named Anne Sullivan started to help Helen Keller learn to communicate and function properly when she was about 7 years old
• Helen Keller had a friend named Martha Washington
• Martha was the daughter of Helen’s family cook
• Martha and Helen created their own signs so they could talk to each other
• Helen Keller was very wild when she was a small girl
• Helen’s true breakthrough was when Anne pumped water over Helen’s hands and signed water to her. That is when she really understood
• After that Helen was ready to learn
• When Helen was about 10 she started taking speech classes
• She took them at the Horace Mann School for the Deaf in Boston
• By college she had learned multiple ways to communicate
• Helen also when to school at the Wright-Humason School for the Deaf in new York City and the Cambridge School for Young Ladies
• Helen Keller was the first person blind, deaf, and mute person to earn a college degree
• Helen Keller became a very famous person
Adulthood to the Later Years
• One of Helen Keller’s friends was Mark Twain
• John Macy helped Helen write her first book which was titled The Story of My Life
• Anne Sullivan who was Helens beloved teacher married John Macy in 1905
• Helen lived with Anne and John and they took very good care of her
• Helen Keller died June, 1, 1968