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Heart Failure Alert System Using Rfid and Gps


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GUDLAVALLERU CONTENTS • ABSTRACT • INTRODUCTION • OVERVIEW OF RFID SYSTEM • GENERAL MODEL FOR HEART FAILURE ALERT SYSTEM • WORKING ALGORITHMS • CONCLUSION ABSTRACT: Now-a-days the deaths caused due to the heart failure have been of major concern . The majority of the deaths caused by heart failures are due to the lack of medical assistance in time. This paper gives an insight of a new technology that relates directly to the exploding wireless marketplace.

This technology is a whole new wireless and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) enabled frontier in which a victim’s actual location is integral for providing valuable medical services. The paper will be demonstrating for the first time ever the usage of wireless telecommunications systems and miniature sensor devices like RFID passive Tags , that are smaller than a grain of rice and equipped with a tiny antenna which will capture and wirelessly transmit a person’s vital body-function data, such as pulse or body temperature , to an integrated ground station.

In addition, the antenna will also receive information regarding the location of the individual from the GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) System. Both sets of data medical information and location will then be wirelessly transmitted to the ground station and made available to save lives by remotely monitoring the medical conditions of at-risk patients and providing emergency rescue units with the person’s exact location. This paper gives a predicted general model for Heart Failure Alert System.

It also discusses the Algorithm for converting the Analog pulse to Binary data in the tag and the Algorithm for alerting the Location & Tracking Station. It discusses in detail the various stages involved in tracking the exact location of the Victim using this technology INTRODUCTION: It is tough to declare convincingly what is the most important organ of our body. In fact every organ has its own importance contributing and coordinating superbly to keep the wonderful machine the human body functioning smoothly.

And one of the primary organs which thebody cannot do without is the heart, 72 beats a minute or over a trillion in a lifetime. The pump house of our body pumping the blood to every corner of our body every moment, thus sending oxygen and nutrients to each and every cell. Over a period of time, the heart muscles go weak, the arteries get blocked and sometimes because of a shock a part of the heart stops functioning resulting in what is called a HEART ATTACK.

Heart attack is a major cause of death and in today’s tension full world it has become very common. Presently there is no mechanism by which a device monitors a person’s heart 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and gives him instant protection in case of problem. Our primary focus is on people with a history of heart problem as they are more prone to death due to heart failure. In the 1970s, a group of scientists at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (LLL) realized that a handheld receiver stimulated by RF power could send back a coded radio signal.

Such a system could be connected to a simple computer and used to control access to a secure facility This system ultimately became one of the first building entry systems based on the first commercial use of RFID. RFID or Radio Frequency identification is a technology that enables the tracking or identification of objects using IC based tags with an RF circuit and antenna, and RF readers that “read” and in some case modify the information stored in the IC memory. RFID:

RFID is an automated data-capture technology that can be used to electronically identify , track, and store information about groups of products, individual items, or product components. The technology consists of three key pieces:1. RFID TAGS 2. RFID READERS 3. HOST COMPUTER RFID TAGS: RFID tags are small or miniaturized computer chips programmed with information about a product or with a number that corresponds to information that is stored in a database. The tags can be located inside or on the surface of the product, item, or packing material. pic] The RF tags could be divided in two major groups PASSIVE: where the power to energize the tag’s circuitry is draw from the reader generated field. and ACTIVE: in this case the tag has an internal power source, in general a battery that could be replaceable or not, in some case this feature limited the tag lifetime, but for some applications this is not important, or the tag is designed to live more than the typical time needed. |type |Frequency |Read | Tag source |Applications | | |range |range |power | | |LF |