HDFS ch 13

Scholars suggest that divorce does not represent a devaluation of marriage but an
idealization of marriage
The crude divorce rate
represents the number of divorces in a given year for every 1,000 people in the population
________, the degree of interaction between individuals and the larger community; is a potentially important factor related to the incidence of divorce
social integration
Those whose parents divorce are subject to ______, the increased likelihood that divorce will later occur to them
intergenerational transmission
New ways of relating to children and former spouses are part of
the co-parental divorce
Max has been divorced for several years now and his ex-wife has become irrelevant to his self and emotional well-being. Max has accomplished the ______ divorce.
Which of the following represents the beginning of the last stage of uncoupling?
acknowledging that the relationship cannot be saved
John’s wife left him 3 weeks ago and he is experiencing anxiety form the separation. John is experiencing _______
separation distress
Jane and John had been married for six years and had two children when Jane found out John had never gotten a divorce from his first wife. Jane immediately consulted an attorney who advised that she file for _________
an annulment
Which of the following is most consistent predictor of marital stability identified in social science research?
age at time of marriage
When it comes to dating again after divorce, for many men and women the greatest problem is
how to meet other unmarried people
For white men who contributed less than _____ percent of their marital standard living, divorce precipitates a decline in their living standards
The rate of divorce among those who marry when older than 25 is ____
______ percent of all divorces involve children
Which type of custody arrangement has the harshest effect of relationships between siblings?
split custody
Children living in _______ appear to be worst adjusted
conflict-ridden two parent families
Johnny’s parents recently separated. Since then he has been unhappy and more aggressive. Which of Wallerstein’s stages of children’s experience of divorce is Johnny in?
initial stage
Most children, regardless of their age, are _____ because of their parents separation
Helen Raschke found all of the following to be important to children’s adjustment after divorce except
wait until you are actually separating to tell the children
All of the following are true regarding covenant marriage except
research has found them to be very effective in preventing divorce
the ration of divorce allows researchers to estimate how many new marriages will likely end in divorce
in recent decades the rate of divorce has declined
among white people, a higher divorce is more characteristic of low-status occupations than of high-status occupations
among african americans the lowest divorce rate is more characteristic of low-status occupations than of higher-status occupations
the constant association of marriage partners makes each almost a physical part of the other
the person who initiates the separation and divorce feels guilty and as a result has a poorer post divorce adjustment than the former spouse
a parent’s homosexuality is no longer sufficient grounds for denying child custody
many of the unresolved issues of the emotional divorce may be acted out during the legal divorce
the physic divorce is accomplished when a person starts dating again
very few couples divorce in the year following the birth of their first child
adolescents often blame themselves for their parents’ divorce
some teens take the attitude that if mother or father sleeps with date, why can’t they
research indicates that separated and divorced men are nine times more likely to suffer from major depression than married men
researchers refer to low-income dads who don’t pay child support as turnips
preschool children, compared to older children, are usually the most upset by their parents’ divorce
some scholars suggest that divorce represents not a devaluation of marriage but an _________
the _____________ represents the number of divorces in a given year for every 1,000 people in the population
crude divorce rate
the shift from an agricultural society to an ________ one undermined many of the family’s traditional functions
_________ is the legal dissolution of a marriage in which guilt or fault by one or both spouses does not have to be established
no-fault divorce
____________ is the process in which a person or court attempts to assist divorcing couples in resolving personal, legal, and parenting issues in a cooperative manner
divorce mediation