Why is self-care important to maintain moral integrity?
Enables you to function at your optimum level of moral integrity
Which of the following behaviors does NOT contribute to management failure when moral integrity is ignored?
What are “codes of ethics” as they pertain to a HCA?
Codes used to describe the acceptable moral conduct
What is true participative management?
Delegating both the task and the responsibility to your team
Which of the following statements is correct?
Ethics entails a course of action base on reasoning
How can codes help you act as a responsible HCA?
By following codes, you should be able to decide an appropriate action and explain the rationale behind your action
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What does it mean to be a HCA professional?
You have engaged in professional socialization
What is the purpose of the ethical policy statements included in the Code of Ethics set forth by the American College of Healthcare Executive?
Defines the college’s position on issues that affect your personal and organizational ethics
Which of the following is NOT an example of exploring your inner or spiritual life in order for your leadership actions to be more reflective of producing good and avoiding harm?
Giving public speeches on ethics
According to the American College of Healthcare executives Code of Ethics, what is your primary duty as a HCA?
Serve those who seek care