HB 100 – Chapters 9-14

5 initial career tracks in gambling industry?
Entertainment, operations, retailed operations, casino operations, food/beverage operations & hotel operations
In a Las Vegas style resort the main difference between black jack tables & poker tables is:
In poker, players get to bet against each other while the house keeps some of the pot
Cabazon Decision
Supreme court let Indian Reservation gambling happen in 1987
Slot Parlors
Stand alone, often small casinos
has become highest grossing casino market in world
El Rancho Vegas
1st modern casino resort opened in 1941 on Las Vegas strip
Fastest growing sector of gambling in world:
Horse Track w/ slot machines
Loyalty Programs
Used by Casinos to track patron’s play
Offering free goods and services to casino patrons in return for their business
The Handle
Total amt. wagered in gambling
House Edge
The “house” sets odds on casino games to ensure profit over time.
Primary diff. between club management & hotel management
Club members feel more ownership of the property than hotel guests
Private Clubs
Places that members gather for social, recreational, professional or fraternal reasons
theme park
parks that create an atmosphere of another place & time
which company opened theme park originally for employees to relax off the job?
Which destination attraction is known for adapting movies in rides?
Universal Studios
Typical theme parks are Opryland and Disneyland. Areas set aside for:
Fun, Rides, Recreation for Families
Most visited U.S. national park?
Great Smokey Mountains
1st metropolitan park system made in?
Boston, 1892
National Park service
organization was founded in 1916 to conserve park resources and provide for their use to the public
Recreation is defined as
refreshment of strength/spirit
Direct relationship between recreation and ___?
What is the primary outcome of the responsibilities of a convention and visitors bureau?
Generate and increase revenues of a city
A FAM trip is:
a trip to do a site inspection for an event and to get to know the area
Destination Management Company
A service organization within the visitor industry that offers a host of programs and services to meet client
Attendee registration, exhibit space rentals, and sponsorship
combination of a meeting and an exposition
meeting planner
A person who contracts out services to (or work for) associations and corporations and plans meetings down to the last detail
Service contractors
Individuals responsible for providing all of the services needed to run the facilities for a trade show
A lecture and a dialogue that allow participants to share experiences in a particular field
Theater style
type of meeting room setup generally intended for a large audience that does not need to make a lot of notes or refer to documents
type of meeting room setup for small numbers of people, with the meeting taking place around one, block rectangular table
Convention centers
Large facilities where meeting and expositions are held, usually in city centers
Trade association
an industry group that is generally a public relations organization founded by and funded by a corporation that operates in a specific industry
Needs analysis
Done before a meeting planner can start planning a meeting, determines the purpose desired outcome of a meeting
the payment exchanged for the promised state in a contract
Research stage
the stage of event management for asking questions about a potential event
Design stage
the stage of event management for freedom in creativity and implementation of new ideas that support the objectives of the special event
According to the Event Solutions Black Book, what is the most popular site for holding events?
Corporate event
type of event that would include annual meeting, sales meeting, workshop, training meeting, or awards ceremony
Charity or fundraising event
type of event that would usually be based on a theme, have a very limited budget, and provide a great return for the group having the event
Sporting event
Includes opening ceremonies, halftime, and post game shows
Negotiating skills
characterized by the process by which a meeting planner and supplier reach an agreement on the terms and conditions that will govern their relationship
Project management skills
aids in completing projects on time and within budget, where parts of an event can be managed as separate components
Special Event Consultant
should have climbed the “experience ladder”
provides money or kind contributions and receive recognition in return for an event such as the Olympics
Professional associations
provide(s) training, certification, networking, and assistance with business plans and other consulting services for their members
Sustainable event tourism
refers to the implementation of practices and procedures that will help conserve both the natural environment and the special event space
important characteristics for good leadership
integrity, judgement, and dependability.
Leadership can be identified as
showing transactional or transformational traits.
the set of moral principles and values that people use to answer questions about right and wrong.
the process of coordinating work activities.
Frontline managers
manage the work of line employees.
Efficiency and effectiveness are most important for
management to have good results.
Long-range strategic goals are typically determined by
top management
Setting standards and comparing actual performance to the standard
Managers with _____ skills have the ability to communicate with a wide range of employees.
Managers who start their careers on the front line and work their way up must have _____ skills they acquired along the way.