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Hawaiian Punch Short-Cycle

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Marketing Problems – Applications and Decisions (74-232) Odette School of Business, University of Windsor II. Short Cycle Key person and his / her position in the organization:Kate Hoedebeck, director of marketing for Hawaiian Punch at Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages. Key issue:To prepare the 2005 Hawaiian Punch business marketing plan and coordinate the newly consolidated version of the three companies. Sub issues: 1. How will they increase market share? They already are the number 1 fruit punch drink sold in the U. S. 2.

How will two distinct manufacturing, sales, and distribution networks to stock and sever an identical beverage for the same customers fare? 3. Determining the roles each will play in sales, profitability, and equity of the Hawaiian punch brand. 4. Will Cadbury Schweppes restructure for growth take focus away from maintain market leadership? 5. Can they achieve sales need to capture an attractive profit margin? 6. What are the potential competitor reactions? Why now? The 2005 business marketing plan is one of the key factors to ensure successful growth with the newly consolidated corporations.

We are currently towards the end of 2004. By when must the key person make this decision? (Include your reason for this time frame)To allow sufficient time for the plan to be properly implemented, Hoedebeck should have it complete by September 1st, 2004. Stakes: what does the organization stand to gain or lose if it makes a good or bad decision? Potential benefits of a good decisionPotential costs of a bad decision Increased profitsDecreased profits Maintained market leadershipFailed product line Diversified promotion strategyLoss of focus from core competencies Expanded product lineBankruptcy

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Hawaiian Punch Short-Cycle

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Larger target marketLost jobs Happy retailers and foodservice customersFailed marketing strategy Competitive sustainability Over/under estimation of product or brand line More convenient for distribution and retailersWrong information in her analysis Questions you should ask yourself as you complete the Long Cycle: 1. Who are Hawaiian Punch’s competitors? 2. What stage of the product life style is their fruit punch beverage in? 3. What pricing/promotion strategy should they use for their product? 4. How will the consolidation impact growth? 5. What is their brand positioning? 6. What is their product line and pricing?

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