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Harvey Milk

“My name is Harvey Milk, and I’m here to recruit you,” were the famous words of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. He was elected after 3 times of losing the election because there weren’t enough people who support gay rights in San Francisco at the time. Although times have changes and many people are more open minded and are more supportive of LGBT communities, the LGBT communities still do not have the same human rights as any other America have. In present time only 10 states recognize gay marriage as a legal right.

Numerous people believe that it is a sin for people of the same gender to get married. Many human right organization are advocating and protesting, that gay rights are human rights. Everyone should have the opportunity to equality in all aspects of life, such as equal marriage, medical benefits, adoption, and equal opportunities in the workforce.

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The Constitution it states, “…All men should be made equal. ” This is the law. There is no way around the fact that every person deserves an equal opportunity in life regardless of what they do.

People in society around the world face violence and inequality because of who they are and who they love. The fight for gay rights to become a human right has begun. But there are many people who feel as if this is a big mistake. Gay marriage has slowly become a social norm amongst individuals of today’s society. Initially, this leads to the discussion of homosexuals having the right to marry in society. Ultimately, conflict from the opposing position of ‘against’ gay marriage may arise that gay marriage can destroy the concept of marriage and mock the importance of the bible.

In reference to this; everyone in society has the right to marry regardless of gender, thus it should be socially acceptable. However, this is why it is significant to discuss both sides of the argument, regardless homosexuals do not necessarily want to get marriage but may just want the justification of having equal rights. But there are people such as Jack Donnelley who commits to stating gay rights are not a human right. Donnelley explains how “homosexuality is widely considered immoral. He also states if human rights are paramount rights, not even all illegitimate discrimination falls under a human right to nondiscrimination. Donnelley explains how sexual minorities are merely people are all victims of racism, sexism, and religious persecution, they are human beings who identified by dominant social group as somehow less than a fully human and thus not entitle to the same rights as every “normal” human being would have. Marriage is a fundamental human right according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 16, and the United Nations Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Nevertheless, though not mentioned in the United States Constitution, it can be argued, as was the case in Iowa per the state’s own constitution, to be a matter of equal protection under the law. In the movie Milk, Harvey Milk was an advocate for gay rights. He believed that the more people who came out to their families the more people can relate having gay rights because they know someone who is gay and then society will become more acceptable to it. Regardless of the odds he keep fighting for the opportunity to become the first openly gay person to become elected into a political position.

Harvey Milk influenced a lot of people during the time of his campaign, that gay rights were a human right. In the years since Milk’s assassination, public opinion has shifted on gay marriage, gays in the military, and other issues, and there have been hundreds of openly LGBT public officials in America, yet the work continues. As society begins to accept the LGBT community and homosexuals become openly about their relationships to one another, they become more valued members within their communities and the difference between living together or being married seems to disappear.

As for homosexual couples who want to build and raise a family, adoption is the most popular action to partake in and socially this should be accepted within the rights of society. Allowing equal rights opportunities can also benefit the economy in several different ways. It can lower the unemployment rate, and also help the church communities who allow gay marriage. “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” was a law established by congress that allowed homosexual men and women to serve in the military as long as they kept their sexual orientation private.

On September 20, 2011, congress made history by passing a law repealing the “Don’t ask don’t tell” legislation of 1993. Thousands of service men and women came out of there proverbial closets, where many had been hiding their entire careers, to celebrate their new right to express themselves freely. Some even celebrated by marrying their longtime mates, an act that only brought to light a new issue. The United States government will not recognize same sex marriage on a federal level.

As a result, same-sex unions are not recognized in the military and these couples are not eligible for married benefits. Plainly put, it is not fair. All married persons serving in the military should be eligible to receive the same benefits, regardless of sexual orientation. There will always be people against any decision that will be made if they make gay rights as a human right. People will always claim gays rights are against the bible.

But if homosexuals are allowed an equal opportunity in society, than not only are the people going to find this a social normal but this is a progress in society, where we can help other countries and other organization continue battling human rights equality for the entire world. Although times have changes and many people are more open minded and are more supportive of LGBT communities, the LGBT communities still do not have the same human rights as any other America have. But I believe with Harvey Milk, coming out to family and friends helps advocate equality for all people including homosexual.

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