Harper Lee

When was Harper Lee Born?
April 28th, 1926
What was her family like?
Her family was much like Scout’s family in To Kill A Mockingbird. Her father was a lawyer, her mother was a homemaker, and she also the youngest of four children. Her father also defended a black man like Atticus did in To Kill A Mockingbird.
Who was her childhood best friend?
Her childhood best friend was Truman Capote.
What did she study in college? Did she participate in any extracurricular activities? Why might this be important to consider while reading To Kill A Mockingbird?
She went to Huntington college in Montgomery she later transferred to the University of Alabama to study law. By her Junior year she went to the Oxford University in England as an exchange student and came back to continue her studies in law but she dropped out after the first semester. She also was apart of the glee club and the literary honor society at the first college she went to. This would be important to consider while reading To Kill A Mockingbird because she knew about dealing with law issues that Atticus had to study before he became a lawyer so she put her own knowledge into the character.
How did her decision to move to New York make To Kill A Mockingbird a reality?
Her decision to move to New York to pursue writing helped her. Her childhood friend helped her a little bit in her writing as well as some new friends she made. Her first novel was never published but it was what started creating characters for To Kill A Mockingbird.
What year was To Kill A Mockingbird published? When was it adapted to screen?
The book was published 1961 and the film followed it in 1962. The play was made in England in 1987
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Was Harper Lee honored in any way following the publication of To Kill A Mockingbird?
Harper Lee was offered a position a the National Council of the Arts which she accepted.
Harper Lee’s real life influenced many of the characters and events in To Kill A Mockingbird. Which character is she most like in the novel? Why?
Harper Lee had many real life influence with her characters and events in To Kill A Mockingbird. She was born and raised in the South around the same time her book took place as well as her own father and Atticus both being lawyers. She was most like Scout because as a child she was a tomboy and wouldn’t listen to the teachers like Scout.