Harcourt Reflections California Series 5th Grade Social Studies Unit 2/Chapter 3 – Lesson 4

Northwest Passage
the waterway between Europe and Asia
King Francis I
The French King who sent Verrazano and 10 years later Jacques Cartier on an expedition to find the Northwest Passage
country in Europe ruled by the Dutch
Why did the Europeans explore North America and what did they find?
They first were looking for a trade route to Asia. Then they looked for gold and resources. They also wanted to expand the Catholic religion.
Giovanni de Verrazano
Italian sailor sent by France to find the Northwest Passage
the year Verrazano started his search for the Northwest Passage
North Carolina coast
the place where Verrazano lands in 1524
Indian tribes Verrazano met along the Atlantic coast were
Narragansett Indians and Abenaki Indians
the name of the farthest location north Verrazano sailed to
Jacques Cartier
French navigator sent by France to find the Northwest Passage and gold
the year Cartier began to explore the St. Lawrence River
St. Lawrence River
river discovered and claimed by Cartier for France
Henry Hudson
English explorer sent by England to search for the Northwest Passage
the year Hudson explored Hudson Bay
Hudson Bay
the name of the northern coast of North America discovered by Hudson