Hank Aaron: Brave in Every Way

When was Hank Aaron born?
February 5, 1934
What did Hank’s dad want for him?
To know the joy of playing baseball in open grassy fields
What did Hanks’s mom want for him?
To make a difference in the world
How old was Hank before his dad could start building their house?
Where did Hank’s father buy land?
Outside Mobile, Alabama
What was nearby Hank’s house when he was young?
A pecan grove with an open field for baseball
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When he was in school, what did his mom want for him?
To go to college
What goal did Hank have when he was in school?
To be a major-league ballplayer
When Hank was 13, what happened?
Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers
When Hank was 16, what was he offered?
Ten dollars a game to play shortstop for a local team
What was the name of the team that Hank wanted to play shortstop when he was 16?
Black Bears
What rules did Hank’s mom have about him playing for the Black Bears?
He had to stay in school to get his diploma and he couldn’t travel or be paid on Sundays
What job did Frank get during his second year with the Black Bears?
To play with a professional team called the Indianapolis Clowns
What year did Hank join the Milwaukee Braves?
What was significant about Hank joining the Milwaukee Braves?
He had made the major leagues
What did Hank win in 1956?
A National League batting title
Who’s record did Hank want to try and break?
Babe Ruth’s home run
What happened to the Braves in 1966?
They moved to Atlanta, Georgia
Why did some people resent Hank’s success?
Because of the color of his skin
In 1972, how many home runs was Hank away from Babe Ruth’s record ?
What did Hank decide about each angry letter he got?
He would add a home run to his record for each letter
In 1973, what happened when the newspapers ran the stories about the hate mail Hank was getting?
He got almost a million letters to support him
How many home runs did Hank finish then 1973 season with and why was it important?
He finished with 713 home runs which was one short of Babe Ruth’s record
When did Hank hit home run number 714?
In the first game of the 1974 season
Which four people were in the stands to see Hank hit home run 715?
The Governor of Georgia, the mayor of Atlanta, and his mom and dad
Who was waiting for Hank when he was heading to home plate for home run 715?
His Braves teammates and his mom

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